Curd for Hair Loss and Hair Fall, Yogurt for Shining Hair

Enhance your look naturally by applying curd. Curd is an excellent tonic for the improvement and quality of hair as well as genuinely prevents Hair loss. Curd is one of the best conditioners for hair. In-home curd is used in different forms such as Curd Recipe, Curd Dishes, Curd raita, etc. However, for shining hair and dandruff control & prevention, the curd is used along with any of the given herbs or spices-gram flour, pepper, methi powder, henna, egg, lemon, and so on.

The image will help to make various curd masks that are useful for healthy hair
curd for shining hair

Top 8 benefits of Curd for Hair Shining

  1. Apply the paste of curd and gram flour into the hair roots. This prevents hair loss and dandruff problems.
  2. The mix of pepper with curd, if used for head wash twice or thrice a day, provides shining, soft hair and also helpful in overcoming dandruff.  This mixture strengthens the hair and prevents hair fall.
  3. Curd is responsible for healthy hair, silky hair, smooth hair, and overcome dandruff.
  4. Apply the curd cord on the scalp and left it for 20 minutes. Wash it, helps to give shining and free dandruff hair. Curds provide many nutrients for silky hair.
  5. Apply the paste of curd and methi powder over your scalp, leaving it for some time, and wash it. It is good for your shining hair.
  6. If somebody needed shining hair, it is advised to use the paste of curd, henna, and eggs.
  7. To overcome the problem of dandruff,  you may use the paste of curd and lemon. Leftover the scalp for 20 minutes and get shiny hair.
  8. Yogurt & Anti-aging: Yogurt is good for anti-aging and skin beauty.

Curd for Natural Skin Care

Curd is one of the brilliant natural home remedy beauty tips for fair and natural skincare. Yogurt not only enhances the beauty of the skin, yet it aids good makeover to the personality. Using curd on a regular basis helps to remove tan, acne, blemishes, and scars from the body thereby provide an original complexion. Applying curd on the face provide refreshing beauty to facial appearance. For a refreshing face, one has to apply curd over the face followed by wiping the face with a towel that is made available after lukewarm water squeezing. Yogurt also acts as a home remedy skin cleanser. Curd prevents the sun from burning if it applies to the face after making a paste of besan and curd. Wash the paste after 15 minutes.

How to use curd for healthy hair

Using curd in hair has many benefits such as protecting the scalp from infection, reduces dandruff and itchiness, and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

Use of curd for dandruff: First, make a paste of curd (1cup), fenugreek seed powder (3tbsp), and lemon juice (1tbsp). Now apply it over your hair and cover it form a towel for 30 minutes. Wash it with a light shampoo. Do it twice a week for one month to see a wonderful result.

Curd for shining hair: Make a mask of curd (1cup), neem leaves (10), hibiscus flowers (10), and orange juice (1/4 cup). Mix neem leaves and hibiscus flowers properly. Adds curd and orange juice in it. Apply it over the hair and wash with shampoo after half an hour. Do it once a week. It makes your hair shiny and also adds luster.

Curd for the strengthening of hair: Prepare a mix of curd (1cup), egg (1), olive oil (2tbsp), aloe vera gel (2tbsp), curry leaves (2tbsp). Apply it over the hair and left for an hour. Wash it with shampoo.

Curd for hair conditioning: The use of curd and honey works as a great moisturizer for your hairs. Massage your scalp with the mix and wash it off after 30 minutes.

Minerals present in curd  

  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium

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