10 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Curd (Yogurt)

10 Surprising benefits of curd

1. Why curd/yogurt is important?

Curd or Yogurt is in great demand, especially in the summer season. Curd is used to make multiple Dahi dishes, which have their own significance from a health point of view. Curd is consumed as Yogurt rice, Lassi, Chapatis & Dahi, Dahi Bhalla, Beetroot raita, Pomegranate raita, Cucumber raita, Bottle gourd raita, Shrikhand, buttermilk, piyush, vegetable salads, etc. Curd Lassi is quite a popular dish in northern India in the summer season. Curd, the dairy product, has many health benefits and used as beauty aids to fair complexion. In a number of cases, it has been said that curd is more beneficial than milk. The fermentation of milk leads to the formation of curd.

2. Curd nutritional facts

About 100 grams of fat has 98 calories. The nutritional value of curd is as follows: fat (4.3 gram), Carbohydrate (3.4 gm), Protein (11gm), Cholesterol (17mg), Sodium (364 mg), and Potassium (104mg). It also contains vitamin A, D, B-12, calcium, and magnesium. Curd is one of the best sources of calcium.

3. Curd is good for digestion

The various important nutrients present in curd are easily got absorbed by the alimentary canal. It also helps the other food nutrients in getting absorbed in the digestive system. Yogurt helps to make PH balance by maintaining the acidity and alkalinity of the digestion process. Curd helps to solve many stomach problems and provide relief who is suffering from dysentery.

4. Curd makes the bones and teeth stronger

Curd is abundant with calcium and phosphorous. In fact, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium. Both calcium and phosphorous are important minerals in making the bones and teeth stronger. Eating curd on a regular basis is good as it helps to prevent different arthritis problems and also deals with osteoporosis.

5. How curd helps to lose weight?

Curd is known for a high percentage of calcium. The mineral calcium prevents cortisol formation in the body. The imbalance of cortisol in the body leads to many lifestyle-related disorders like hypertension and obesity. New research has confirmed that eating 18 ounces of curd daily helps to reduce belly fat as a greater amount of calcium allows the fats cells to release a lesser amount of cortisol thus helps to weight loss.

6. Curd for healthy heart

Due to faulty lifestyle and improper dietary patterns, more and more people are suffered from coronary heart diseases. Consuming curd is great in maintaining a healthy heart. Yogurt prevents the formation of cholesterol in the arterial region, thus prevents the person from hypertension and high blood pressure. Taking curd helps to minimize the risk of high blood pressure and balance the level of cholesterol in the body.

7. Curd used as a beauty product

Curd is an effective home remedy to enhance beauty and fair skin. Curd is being used as an effective home remedy for shining skin due to the presence of important minerals like zinc, vitamin E, phosphorous, etc. A glowing face can be maintained if the mix of curd, gram flour, and lime is applied over the face followed by washing it after 15 minutes through the water. Massaging of curd on the face acts as skin bleach and provides softness in the skin.

8. Curd removes dandruff

Curd helps to get rid of dandruff. Curd can be used as one of the best homemade solutions in getting rid of dandruff as it has lactic acid, which is anti-fungal in nature. When the paste of henna and curd is applied over the scalp, helps in combating dandruff. Curd is also used as a hair conditioner.

9. Curd is a substitute for milk

A number of people are facing problems when they take milk. They are unable to digest milk that leads to loose motion or gas formation. This is happened due to lactose present in milk, thus they are lactose intolerant. In such cases, people should take curd as it converts lactose into lactic acid that easily gets digested in the body. Here curd is the best substitute of milk and gets all the nutrients of milk through the curd.

10. Curd acts as an immunity booster

Curd has great power to enhance the immunity of the body. Yogurt protects the body from various microorganisms by building the immunity of the body. Curd is extremely beneficial for those women who are experiencing vaginal yeast infection.

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  1. Comment Text*thanxs so curd z very important for de health …. Onc american doctor said i dont know de people who take curd y dey die tat means curd z v impotsnt …….

  2. Well, curd is a palatable, nutritional and therapeutic in nature. Curd , commonly known as Dahi in India and related fermented milk products are known to” cure all and life extending properties”


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