About Us

Gyanunlimited – A brief Introduction

Welcome to Gyanunlimited.com – A Hub of Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health.

It is a people friendly pro-health blog that revolves around the idea of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). It provides curable based information and knowledge of all the diseases and disorders through the angle of  herbal and natural means.

Gyanunlimited came into inception in 2011 as an Alternative Medicine blog. The very motto of the blog is to provide research based  and analytical information for all diseases through traditional system of medicine i.e.  Ayurveda,Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy(AYUSH) .

Gyanunlimited has enabled to make a niche in the field of Alternative Medicine both nationally and internationally within a very limited period of time.

Gyanunlimited is a leading online alternative health website that takes extra pains to bring up to date information on herbal medicine, health promotion and preventive measures related with diseases and disorders. Gyanunlimited is an answer to

  • How to be healthy naturally?
  • It helps to make you independent from medicine.
  • Allow you to rejuvenate and refresh naturally.

The qualitative contents have stirred interest among users. User-friendly approach is the very essence of the website. The information of the blog is safe, health friendly, and helpful in curing of diseases and also beneficial in preserving, promoting, and healing the body.