Top 10 Medicinal Benefits of Edible Mushrooms (Khumbi) For Weight Loss, Hair and Skin

Mushrooms medicinal benefits

Mushrooms are being used as a medicine since ancient times. It has been known for its medicinal and healing benefits. Sometimes, this herb is known as the plant of immortality. As per research conducted recently, it has been proved that more than 200 conditions will be benefited from eating edible mushrooms and with 100 benefits to the body. Besides this, some species of mushrooms are very useful in the case of bladder cancer, breast cancer, heart attack, stroke, cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, etc.

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Top 10 Benefits of Eating Carrot For Hair, Skin And Eyes

Carrot full of nutrition

Carrot is enriched with vitamin A and full of health benefits. Eating carrots are beneficial for eye vision, skin glowing, hair health, anti-aging, cancer prevention, heart, teeth, gums, stroke, etc. Besides these, it is also used for many culinary purposes.

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