Top 10 Unknown Natural Tips for Hair Loss Prevention

10 Unknown Hair Prevention Tips

Hair loss prevention should be given more importance than hair loss treatment. Hair loss prevention is more cost-effective than treatment, which may drag you into financial and emotional trouble. Healthy hair is one of the best gifts you can give to your personality, so care for it sensibly before an awkward situation. Here are some essential tips that are being mentioned to prevent hair fall and hair loss prematurely.Surprising tips for hair loss prevention

  1. Yoga for hair loss control and prevention: Yoga is one of the best modules to combat stress, anxiety, depression, and tension. These negative health domains are essential in suppressing the body and contributing to hair problems. Yoga, such as Shirsasana (Headstand pose), Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand pose), and Viprit Karni, increases blood supply to the scalp region and prevents hair thinning. Meditation, Pranayama, and relaxation yogic techniques greatly help to ease stress.
  2. Ayurveda prevents hair thinning techniques: Use simple Ayurvedic approach and formulations to prevent hair loss. Massage with ayurvedic oil such as coconut, brahmin, bhringaraj, or vitamin E helps reduce hair thinning. Using ayurvedic herbs like Dashamoola, Bhringara, and Jatamamsi effectively strengthens the hair follicles. Rubbing your scalp with the mixture of camphor & coconut oil or castor, mustard & coconut oils, or honey & egg yolk helps to strengthen your hair shaft.
  3. Haircare with homoeopathic medicine: Homeopathic medicine helps prevent hair loss and falls. Such treatment also reduces hair thinning, controlling dandruff and baldness. The following medications can be used to avoid hair loss after consultation with homoeopathic physicians. Drugs like Arsenicum Album, Graphites and Thuja, Silicea, Phosphorous, Lycopodium, and Kali carbonicum are effective in this direction.
  4. Naturopathy hair prevention tips: Do gentle massage to your scalp as it helps to improve blood circulation, thereby ensuring hair growth and re-growth. Give more and more weight to fresh fruits and vegetables. Morning walks should be preferred, and going out in the scorching sunlight should be avoided.
  5. Best home remedy tips for hair growth:  There are many home remedial measures to fight hair fall. Massage your scalp with lemon juice is effective in fighting baldness. Covering your head with a squeeze hot water towel helps in this regard. Applying the curd, lemon, and mustard mix on the scalp and leaving for half an hour helps treat the condition. The application of boiling the hibiscus leaf extract in the water on the scalp reduces hair thinning. Rubbing the scalp also energises the sebaceous glands, which ensures smooth blood circulation to the scalp region.
  6. Eat fruits and vegetables: Take those fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins A, B, Iron, and protein. Examples: carrots, lentils, spinach, lentils, milk, cheese, dark green vegetables, fortified cereals, etc.
  7. Use herbal Shampoo: Do shampoo your hair regularly. While using shampoo, it should be clear enough that more focus should be on your scalp and hair follicles as it helps to strengthen your hair shaft and ensure healthy hair growth.
  8. Braids and ponytails: Avoid braids, buns, and ponytails, as these may root out your hair.
  9. Avoid chemical treatment:  Avoid using chemical treatments such as straightening, hair dyes, hot oil massage, styling, hot ironing, etc.
  10. Combing on wet: Don’t comb your hair when wet, as it may root out your hair shaft.

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  1. Hair loss problem is major problem these days and hundreds of thousands of people are facing this problem all over the world. Hair gain treatment is a big business these days but it is good that there are some home remedies and solution for preventing hair loss.


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