Top 10 Fruit Juices and Health Benefits

 Benefits and nutrition of pomegranate juice

• Pomegranate juice is rich in Vitamin A, C, E and Folic acid.
• It is extremely good for heart, prevent heart attack and blockages in arteries and a good agent for bad cholesterol.
• It helps to remove worms from the body.
• Reduce the pace of cancer in Prostrate and lung.
• It is good for enhancing Haemoglobin content too.
• It is excellent for pregnant women.
• It is also known for anti-ageing.

Best health benefits of Avocado juice

• It is good for pregnant women because of its higher content of Folic acid thereby help in the growth and development of the brain.
• It enhances the formation of HB and Red Blood Cells (RBCs).
• It is prescribed for anaemic patients.
• Avocado is good cholesterol-related heart diseases as it contains Oleic acid that lower cholesterol.
• It gives relief to the patients of breast and prostate cancer.
• It acts as anti-ageing agent and given to the patients of stroke too.
• It maintains blood pressure due to the presence of potassium.

Amazing health benefits of Apple juice

• Apple Juice contains quercetin which is known for anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory.
• The juice reduces bad cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood sugar.
• It reduces the heart problems more prominently.
• It is good for arthritic and rheumatic patients owing of potassium content.
• Due to the presence of pectin, helps to remove dirt present in the gut.
• Helps to release toxins from the body thereby improves digestion.
• It is good for nerves related problems when taken with milk and honey.
• Good for pregnant women as it helps to ease anaemia.

Benefits of drinking Strawberry juice

• Strawberry juice contains antioxidants named as ellagic acid, which check the entering of free radicals into the body and also known as anti-cancerous agent.
• It helps to check bad cholesterol level in the body and prevent heart diseases.
• It is known for skin cleansing juice, so to minimise the impacts of pimples, wrinkles, etc.
• Helps to minimise cancer impact on lung, breast and cervics.
• Helps to remove tartar from gums.
• It has the capacity to cleanse the digestive system thereby strengthen the digestion.
• It reduces Joints pain too.

Health benefits and uses of Orange juice

• Orange juice contains adequate quantity of Vitamin C that strengthens the immune system and good to prevent cold.
• It helps to reduce bad cholesterol as well as blood pressure level.
• Abundant with antioxidants and can check prostate and breast cancer.
• It is having potassium and good for joints pain.
• Helps to clear blockages and enhances the heart functions.
• Due to the presence of foliate, it acts like a rejuvenating agent.
• It acts like an anti-inflammatory agent and good for arthritis.
• It also increases appetite.

Benefits and nutrition of Kiwi juice

• Kiwi juice contains enough Vitamin C, improves immunity, protect the body from cancer, helps in iron absorption and good for anaemia.
• It is good for constipated patients due to the presence of fibre.
• Helps to lower bad cholesterol and try to maintain blood pressure thereby good for heart.
• Regulate blood pressure due to the presence of Potassium.
• It is known for ant-ageing.
• It also gives relief from cold and flu.

Nutritional facts of Tomato juice

• It is known for ant-ageing.
• Tomato contains an enzyme called Lycopene that is useful to control prostate cancer.
• It enhances appetite thereby helpful in gaining weight.
• Contains adequate fibre, so helpful for constipated patients.
• Glycogen of it helps to the proper functioning of the liver.

Surprising benefits of Guava juice

• It is good to remove bad cholesterol, lower blood sugar and blood pressure.
• It is extremely beneficial for chronic constipation.
• Contains vitamin C, good for cold, flu and cough.
• It has astringent that is useful for diarrhoea patients.
• Also good for bone decaying patients.

Best health benefits of Mango juice

• Mango juice is good for fibre so it may be given to chronic patients related with constipation.
• It helps to cleanse the blood and acts like as disinfectant.
• Having adequate carotenoid which helps to check colon cancer.
• Having rejuvenating capacity.
• Due to a large quantity of fibre content, aged people should not take more quantity of it.
• Also prevent odourless bacteria.

Is Noni juice beneficial for health

• Noni juice is good for diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Vaginal discharge, etc.
• It helps to develop the immune system.
• Its juice also acts like as anti-cancerous.
• Lower blood pressure by clearing blockages in the arteries.
• It is good anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic due to the presence of scopoletin.

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