Rooh Afza Syrup Benefits

What is Rooh Afza?

In the sweltering sunlight of summer, if anybody visiting one’s friend’s house, especially in the Indian sub-continent, there is a greater possibility of getting served the refreshing drink i.e. Rooh Afza. Roof Afza is a natural concentrated squash cum refreshing syrup famous worldwide for its flavor sherbet, cold deserts, lemonade, milk recipes, etc. Due to its herbal and aromatic flavor, it can be used with milk shakes, lassi, falooda, kulfi, phirni, pudding and kheer. It is widely used in the holy month of Ramadan. Generally, known as the ‘summer drink of the east’ has long lasting cooling effects, provides freshness and energy in the scorching summer. The drink has made its solid platform because of its unique taste, excellence formula, fragrance and unraveled qualities. Though, the chilling syrup is generally not promoted by any celebrities yet it has solid base in the market and gives tough competition to other syrups. Rooh Afza is consisted of two words: Rooh means soul and afza means nourishes the soul. A brief review of the exhilarating drink is being mentioned below.Rooh Afza Syrup

Roof Afza History

The soothing cooling agent Rooh Afza was the discovery of Hakim Abdul Majeed, a renowned Unani physician of herbal medicine. The great visionary started this chilling drink from Old Delhi in 1906. Now, it is being prepared from three Hamdard (Waqf) laboratories-India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. From a simple establishment Lal Kuan, Old Delhi; Rooh Afza has successfully made a niche as one of the leading refreshing syrups in the world.

Roof Afza Syrup Ingredients

Hamdard Rooh Afza, the chilling agent, is the combination of fruits, herbs, vegetables, flowers and roots. The unique components of this cooling drink are:

Fruits: Many fruits are used as the components for the drink. The different fruits are pineapple, apple, berries, orange, watermelon, citron, strawberry, raspberry, loganberry, cherry, concord grapes and blackcurrant.

Herbs: The herbs group ingredients contain European white lily (Nymphaea alba), Blue star water lily ( Nymphaea nouchali), lotus (Nelumbo), purslane/tukhm-e-khurfa (Portulaca oleracea seeds), coriander, chicory (Vitis vinifera), and borage

Vegetables: The important vegetables, which are the part of this herbal syrup, are carrot, spinach, mint and Luffa aegyptiaca

Flowers: Flowers are also the integral part of this delicious drink. It covers rose, lemon, orange and (keora) Pandanus fascicularis

Roots: Only one root, which is being used in it is vetiver.

Roohafza Health & Medicinal Benefits

Cardio vascular health: It shows positive impacts on the cardiovascular functions. It enhances the cardiac efficiency, smooth cardiac blood supply and also controls the heart beat.
Dehydration: It is good in the management and controlling of water balance in the body because of the presence of some important minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sulphur thus helpful against of dehydration, heat exhaustion and excessive sweating.
Weight gain: It increases weight by promoting nitrogen balance in the body.
Anemia: It shows positive result in the improvement of haemoglobin content in blood.
Indigestion: It is also preferred in case of giddiness, indigestion, stomach ache, kidney and numbness.
Fever: It is used in the treatment of fever due to heat exposure thus helpful in reducing body heat.
Vomiting: It is effective in case of vomiting and diarrhea.
Enhances vigor: It enhances the vigor, vitality, activeness and makes the energy level high.


Roohafza Recipes


1. Rooh Afza & Sabja Seeds

It’s a chilling drink used widely in the summer season.

How to prepare

• Take chilled water (4 cups)
• ½ tbsp sabja seeds
• Rooh Afza and sugar as required
• Initially soaked the sabja seeds in a cup of water for half an hour
• Now, add it to rest of water
• Add rooh afza to the mixture
• One can also add sugar and ice cube, but these are optional
• The recipe is ready to drink

2. Rooh Afza Lemon Sharbat

• Take chilled water (4 cups)
• 5 tbsp sabja seeds
• 3 tbsp lemon juice
• 1 tbsp sugar
• Ice cube
• Now mix all these thing suitably


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