How to Control and Manage Pain Naturally

Natural pain management techniques

The massage of paste of rapeseeds oil is beneficial in Vata disorders to alleviate pain. The paste of bird cherry works well as a painkiller in Vata diseases. It reduces pain, swelling, and burning sensation in vitiated conditions of Pitta. When the decoction of Sal tree bark is given orally, helps to minimize pain and swelling in traumatic wounds.

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Natural & Herbal Hot Beverages

What is a natural beverage? 

Herbal hot beverages as well as tea and coffee directly mix with blood and give prompt response to the body. Natural hot beverages are different from general tea and coffee due to its multifarious nutritive value. In these beverages, sugar is replaced by jaggery, and milk is substituted by coconut milk. These herbal beverages are full of nutritive value and an effective alternative to tea and coffee.

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