Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Brisk Walking Every Day in the Morning

Brisk walk helps in weight loss

Modern research has confirmed that brisk walk helps in weight loss, burns body fat, reduces high cholesterol, makes the waistline slim, and gives trim shape to the body. Brisk walk for 20-25 minutes is an excellent way to cut your extra kilos, improves cardiovascular fitness, reduces anxiety, depression, stress, and allows the liver to utilize blood sugar and cholesterol favorably. It is estimated that an average weight man can lose 95-100 calories; if he walks for 30 minutes at a speed of 2mph. Walking up and down hills burns more fats in comparison to flat walking

Walking cuts the risk of diabetes

Brisk walk reduces the level of high blood pressure, improves BMI, allows the muscle cells to utilize more glucose, burns the unnecessary body fats thus good for both Diabetes and hypertension. Studies have confirmed that walking for 30 minutes improves blood sugar control and insulin management in Diabetes type 2. It also reduces the risk of overweight.

Walking  and hypertension tips

It has shown scientifically that walking for 30-40 minutes can lower blood pressure for 10 hours. Regular walking routine makes the heart stronger and helps to control blood pressure. Walking reduces triacylglycerol levels and improves the condition of hypertension. Having optimum blood pressure is also good for the smooth functioning of vital organs like the Kidney, liver, heart, etc.

Walking good for pregnancy

Walking is the single exercise that can be performed by pregnant mothers in all trimesters. It keeps your heart well functioning and removes pains from your ankles and knees. While walking in summer, sunscreen should be used and also take care of dehydration. Walking should be avoided in case of vaginal bleeding, breathing problems, decreased fetal movement, dizziness, etc. Brisk walks help to check miscarriage by lowering down the hormonal fluctuation.

Brisk walk for healthy heart

Brisk walk strengthens the heart, increases heartbeat to recommended levels, cuts the risk for cardiovascular diseases, and also good for muscles and lungs. It helps to pump blood suitable and shed bad fats from the body. Modern research has proved that brisk walks cut the frequency of heart attack and heart diseases.

Walk is good for sex

If you have impotency problems, no need to be worried. Do a brisk walk regularly for 20-30 minutes every day. You will feel the difference after one month of sex with your partner. Since brisk walks help to maintain appropriate blood flow throughout the body including your genital organs. So instead of using Viagra and other medicinal pills for sexual arousal, it is better to take a brisk walk, some Yoga, and a suitable diet for your healthy love life.

Brisk walk for your glowing skin

A brisk walk is an effective aerobic exercise that helps in the formation of Red Blood Corpuscles (RBCs), gives an overall smart look to your body. It sheds the dead cell from the body thereby provides gleaming and shining skin.

Walking cuts the risk of cancer

Modern research has shown that a brisk walk reduces the effect of colon cancer because of giving lesser time to carcinogenic cells to be associated with the intestinal lining. It also minimizes the risk of Chemotherapy due to improved blood circulation

Walking increases memory

A brisk walk is very useful for the better coordination of body and mind. Walking regulates proper blood flow and oxygen to the brain thereby helps its better functioning. It is also important to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. In older people, it also cut the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Walking increases your longevity

A moderate exercise for 30 minutes is enough to keep you healthy and improves the quality of life. Walking or brisk walking is one of the simplest ways to keep away from diseases. Since it helps to make you safe from various disorders, thus extend your life. It also acts as anti-aging.

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  1. i am 58 years old and i walk 30 minute a day . but i smoke 40 segregate per day . did the walking is useful for me . pleas let me know … thanks

    • If the answer is NO, then , what u will do? Which u will give up? Walking or smoking. If U are on search of an EXCUSE to discontinue walking, then do it and get ready to go to Hell with all health hazards of smoking. If u are willing to change yourself, then discontinue smoking step by step like 40/day, next day 39/day and so on OR increase the gap between two ciger on daily basis.


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