Top 10 Surprising Side Effects of Honey

Is honey good for you?

Honey has been using since the time immemorial for its use to help in treating many diseases and disorders. Honey is an extremely beneficial natural sweetener and use for multiple purposes. It is anti-inflammatory thus relieves allergies, anti-cancerous, boosts memory and immunity, cough suppressant, treats dandruff and burns, wounds healer, helps to maintain WBCs count, helps to metabolize alcohol, good for hair and skin care, aid in weight loss, acts as natural antiseptic and good source of energy. Besides, these important benefits, some precautions should be taken while eating too much honey. Some of the warnings associated with honey are given below:

Top 12 precautions and warnings of honey

  1. Honey shows side effects with children below one year. There is a possibility that kids of this age may experience food poisoning by eating honey due to clostridium botulinum. Though, it is not danger with older children and adults.
  2. Heating of honey should be avoided as the process generates a particular chemical compound called Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) that may damage the DNA.
  3. Eating too much honey may lead to stomach problems such as stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea.
  4. Taking high dose of honey disturb the smooth function of small intestine that may lead to irregularities in nutrients absorbing.
  5. Some allergic patients experience asthma, difficulty in swallowing, shortness of breath, itching, tongue inflammation and wheezing after taking honey.
  6. Allergic patients should also be avoided it as they may feel lung inflammation. Therefore, it should be taken after consultation of an expert.
  7. When honey is taken that produced from the nectar of Rhododendrons may lead to heart problems, chest pain and low blood pressure.
  8. Due to contaminants, honey may be avoided during pregnancy or by the breastfeeding mother.
  9. Honey should be avoided by the diabetic patients or it should be taken after the consultation of an expert.
  10. People who are suffering from bleeding related problems should avoid eating of honey.
  11. It may increase sugar levels in blood as it is totally deficient in fiber, which results in total absorption of sugar in blood that leads to diabetes.
  12. The eating of more and more honey may erode the enamel due to excessive sugary content. It also the harbinger of acidophilic bacteria that causes cavities in teeth.


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