Amazing Health and Medicinal Benefits of Eating Orange

Orange nutrition value

Orange is a popular fruit across the world for its numerous health and medicinal benefits. Oranges are good for overall development of the body because of the presence of vitamin, minerals, anti-oxidants, and other phyto-nutrients. Orange and orange juice can be taken at any time, however, one glass of orange juice at the time of breakfast keep your charging and refreshing for a longer time.

An  orange of 130 grams contains following nutrition.  Vitamin C dominates in the nutrition profile of orange. It contain vitamin C (116.1%), Fibre (12.5%), Folate (9.8%), vitamin B1 (7.3%), Potassium (6.7%), vitamin A (5.8%), Calcium (5.2%) and Calories ( 3%).

Health Benefits of Orange

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Orange for cancer prevention

Oranges are abundant with Vitamin C. Vitamin C acts against free radicals and reduces the risk of colon cancer. Orange is having enough dietary fibre in the form of  pectin, a great laxative, and prevent cancer causing cells to bind with colon. The presence of flavonoids group  of anti-oxidants such as alpha and beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, zea-xanthin and lutein in orange help to protect against lung cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Oranges contain beta-cryptoxanthin which checks lung cancer and promote better respiration. Orange peel contains d-limonene which prevents skin cancer and tumours in skin. Drinking of orange peel juice is great to ward off numerous infections and diseases.

Orange reduces inflammation

Orange peel helps to lessen inflammation and acts like as anti-inflammation. Orange, being the effective source of vitamin C, develop resistance in the body against many infections and acts  like as pro-inflammatory for free radicals. High fat meal causes inflammation in the body. A research paper published in  “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” show that taking orange along with high fat meal and sugar tends to decrease the impact of inflammation in the body. Oranges are full of phyto-chemicals, phyto-nutrients and flavonoids which are having strong anti-inflammatory features.

Oranges prevent cold and cough

Oranges are excellent source of vitamin C which boost the immune system, thus help to overcome Common cold.  Orange peel tea works against cough and cold. If you are suffering from cold; the mix of dried orange peel, honey and ginger is used  in curing chronic cough and cold.

Oranges for anti-aging

Oranges are adequate source of anti-oxidants which protect skin from free radical damage. It is suggested  that a person should develop a habit to have an orange a day to look oneself younger and younger. The anti-oxidants are act like as detoxification thereby helps in preventing of skin aging. Beta-carotene protects skin aging from sun’s rays and also promote eye care. Inside part of oranges are used to strength the skin texture.  Dried orange powdered are used  as scrub. It also helps to remove blemishes, wrinkles, pimples and acne thus effective in anti-aging.

Orange lowers blood pressure

Orange contains magnesium and potassium which acts against sodium thereby helps in controlling of  blood pressure. Drinking orange juice regularly, helps in lowering of blood pressure. Orange juice is having a bio-chemical substance called hesperidin, present on  orange peel enhances the activity of blood vessels and lowering cholesterol, thus controlling blood pressure.  Orange fibre also keep blood pressure level under control.

Orange for eye vision

Orange contains vitamin A and other anti-oxidants such as alpha carotene, beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, zea-xanthin, fibre, phyto-nutrients and lutein. All these phyto-chemicals are good for eye and eye vision.

Orange for healthy heart

Orange contains adequate amount of potassium and calcium that regulate heart rate by countering sodium action. The phyto-chemicals such as flavonoids,  and fibre helps to cut the risk of coronary heart disease.  The presence of vitamin B folate protect unborn baby heart.  In a recent study, it has been shown that regular eating of orange cut the heart diseases by 50 percent.  Vitamin C prevents the oxidation process of cholesterol which otherwise may accumulate in the wall of blood vessel. Hesperidin which is present in orange peel protects the heart health by regulating blood pressure. The large amount of fibre is effective in reducing of cholesterol.

Orange boosts immunity

Oranges boost and strengthen the immune system due to presence of excellent amount of vitamin C. Orange acts against cancer, stroke heart attack. It also prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels thereby reduces the chances of arteries hardening. Orange enhances the capacity of immune system by producing of more and more white blood cells.

Orange for constipation cure

Oranges have enough fibre which are helpful in smooth functioning of digestive system thus help in constipation treatment. Orange facilitates proper digestion and make the digesting system stronger thus prevent from diseases. Orange peel helps in digestive health and promotes healthy bacterial growth in the intestine. All these are good in treatment of constipation.

Orange for fair complexion

Oranges are full of anti-oxidants which are good against of pimples, wrinkles, acne, blackheads and blemishes. Orange along with other products are helpful in glowing of skin. Applied the paste of orange juice, oatmeal and honey over the face and leave it for 20 minutes then wash it. It is good for skin glowing and skin rejuvenation. Orange peel powder and milk is also used to make skin beautiful. Since oranges are having adequate quantity of vitamin C when orange juice rub on the face, help in gentleness of skin. Eating of oranges are also good in preventing of acne and blemishes.

Orange prevents kidney stone

Kidney stone is formed due to calcium oxalate. Drinking of orange juice is beneficial in preventing of kidney stone. Drinking of orange juice increases the pH value thereby decreases the chances of formation of calcium oxalate in the kidney.

Orange for diabetes cure

Diabetic person should take orange juice and orange regularly because its fibre helps in controlling of sugar. On the other hand, the fructose sugar present in orange helps to maintain the optimum level of sugar in the body.   A research study carried out in the University of Western Ontario showed that oranges  reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes due to the presence of nobiletin.

 Orange for weight loss

Orange  is one of the best source of  fibre. If oranges are taken with salads, it helps to fill the stomach due to its adequate content of fibre.  The presence of nobiletin in orange prevent fat accumulation in blood vessel, which is one of the factor for overweight.  Oranges are helpful in weight loss by containing your appetite.

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