20 Ayurveda Medicines for Glowing Skin and Shining Hair

20 Ayurveda medicines for glowing skin

Everybody desires glowing skin and shining hair. But stressful life and faulty living standard in a cut-throat environment ruin the very essence of a smooth and fair complexion. Getting shining and dark hair is also a tough job. However, ayurvedic medicines and herbs have been used since ancient times for beautification.  Ayurvedic medicines are well-documented and well-researched for shining hair, fair complexion, and curing pimples, acne, blemishes, and other skin-related disorders. These medicinal herbs combat pimples, alleviate scabies and ringworm, and fix defects, patches, and brackishness.

Some ayurvedic herbs are also used as deodorants, cosmetic aids, and cosmetic oil preparation. Thus, shining and glowing hair with a smooth and fair complexion is possible through Ayurvedic herbs.

20 Ayurveda Medicines for Glowing Skin and Shining Hair

1. Mango ginger to get rid of pimples

  • When the paste of mango ginger is applied with milk, it helps to prevent pimples.
  • Face application of mango ginger improves the complexion.
  • Applying warm paste reduces oedema and arrests the bleeding on the affected parts.

2. Babchi cures leucoderma

  • Babchi has been known since ancient times for its skin disease treatment like leucoderma, psoriasis, non-healing wounds, etc.
  • Babchi’s functions include anti-dermatosis, mild laxative, appetiser, nervine, relieves fever, and promotes wound healing
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • An effective agent for fair skin.
  • The topical application of its seed oil is helpful in hypo-pigmentation scars in leucoderma.
  • Its seed powders reduce scabies and ringworm when applied with buttermilk.

3. White Sandalwood good for skin irritation

  • Reduces skin irritation when Chandan is applied over the body.
  • Good remedy for prickle heat and profuse sweating.
  • Healed inflamed skin.
  • Mix of Chandan, camphor, and khus is given for an extreme burning sensation.
  • Excellent deodorants and improves skin complexion.

4. Indian Barberry prevents itching

  • Its gargles alleviate mouth and throat ailments.
  • Beneficial for ear and eye diseases.
  • Its application is helpful for skin ulceration.
  • Massage it with butter relieves the itching of the scalp.

5. Coriander as mouth deodorant

  • Powerful mouth deodorant.
  • The paste of coriander fruits, Vacha and lodhra minimises pimples and gives a fair complexion.

6. Bermuda grass to cure blemish

  • Herb’s pulp improves the complexion.
  • Known for shining skin.
  • Has a cure for blemishes, patches, and blackness.

7. Saffron improves vision

  • Mix of saffron powder + rose water, when instilled into the eyes daily, improves vision.
  • An effective remedy for fair skin, pimples, and freckles.
  • Used for cosmetic preparation like body and face salve, bath powder, hair washes, etc.

8. valuable costus for skin diseases

  • Its root paste benefits skin diseases like leucoderma, leprosy, ringworm, purities, etc.
  • Mix of Amalaki + Costus + Jatamansi and Bala benefits silky and luxuriant hair growth and promoter.
  • Give a fair complexion to the face.
  • Good for mouth odorant.

9. Henna for hair growth

  • Sesame oil + henna leaves are helpful for hair growth.
  • Ease from burning sensation when applied to the affected parts.
  • Used as natural hair dyes

10. Indian Madder reduces pimples

  • The root powder of Indian Madder + Ghee reduces pimples.
  • Imparts a soothing effect on the skin with honey.
  • Paste of Arjuna, the root powder of Manjishtha and honey, removes blemishes and improves the fair complexion.

11. Fenugreek to get rid of wrinkles

  • Applications of fenugreek seeds and honey are helpful to clear pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles.
  • Hairs wash with seeds powder result in silky and lustrous hair.
  • Anti-dandruff agent.

12. Nutgrass is suitable for skin disease

  • Its paste relieves skin disorders.
  • Prevent foul body odour due to excessive sweating.
  • Use as bath powder and fragrant hair wash.

13. Cobra’s Saffron prevents sweating

  • Control excessive sweating.
  • Good deodorants.
  • Used as hair dye.

14. Coconut for hair growth

  • The coconut oil + ginger paste prevent pimples and eczema.
  • Massage with coconut oil is helpful for hair growth.
  • For skin rashes, its oil is also used.

15. Indigo is a natural hair dye

  • Use indigo leaves to darken the hair.
  • Its seed powder is an effective agent for eye disease.
  • Leaves juice is used as the best natural hair dye.

16. Lemon as a natural shampoo

  • Skin irritation is reduced after using lemon juice.
  • Lemon oil is used for multiple purposes like shampoo, bath, conditioners, massage oil, aromatherapy, etc.
  • Lemon oil is used for face massage.
  • It alleviates oiliness, improves circulation, and prevents wrinkling.

17. Birdcherry used as  a natural deodorant

  • It is one of the best deodorants.
  • It gives a fair complexion and is also responsible for skin glow.
  • It is one of the essential ingredients in cosmetic oil and complexion promoters.
  • When mixed with ghee and applied on the face, it cures blemishes, darkens blackish patches, and imparts soothing and glow.

18. Rape Seed

• Its seed powder imparts a fair complexion.

19. Rose

  • Application of its paste reduces foul body odour due to profuse sweating.
  • Petals application on the face imparts glow to the skin and cures blemishes and dark patches.

20. Khus for herbal cosmetic oil

  • Mix of Khus and Chandan paste is applied with a burning sensation.
  • It is beneficial for a fair complexion.
  • It is used as a deodorant
  • Helps in making Cosmetic oil.

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