7 Litchi (Lychee) Juice Benefits for Skin, Hair and Weight Loss

Litchi is one of the essential juicy, yummy, and delicious summer fruits widely accepted among all age groups. Its beauty is also beyond description when one sees it in bunches, especially in the orchard. If one can get litchi from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India, its deliciousness can’t hold anybody’s longing. Mango is known as the King of fruits, whereas lychee is known as the queen of fruits because of its tastiness, deliciousness, and abundance of nutrients. Since it is full of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, it is also called Superfruit.

7 wonder benefits of lychee juice

  1. Litchi for weight loss: Litchi is full of firewater and roughage. It has no fat and has the least calories. Eating litchi discourages the longing for more food and gives you the feeling of a full stomach. If you desire specific weight loss, we suggest regular eating of litchi and its juice.
  2. Litchi for glowing skin: Its juice has profuse amounts of biochemical substances such as polyphenols, oligonols, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and other antioxidants. All these anti-oxidants help remove black spots and acne. These are also known for slowing the ageing process. The paste of litchi and banana helps cure blemishes when applied over it.
  3. Litchi for hair growth: Litchi is effective in hair growth and hair promotion because of the presence of copper. Method: Take 2 tbsp juice of litchi and aloe vera each. Mix it well, massage the same upon your hair follicles, and leave for sixty seconds. After that, wash it with natural shampoo.
  4. Litchi juice for sexual life: You can enjoy your sex life more consistently if you take litchi juice regularly. It enhances your sex stamina and sexual drive.
  5. Anti-cancerous: The different phytochemicals substances such as flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamin C, and proanthocyanidins restrict the growth of free radicals and help defeat cancer, especially breast cancer.
  6. Litchi juice for a healthy heart: Litchi juice has an adequate amount of oligonol, polyphenols, and vitamin C, which inhibit the formation of bad cholesterol and encourage good cholesterol. A satisfactory amount of potassium balances the sodium and copper levels, which helps shape RBCs.
  7. Litchi juice for digestion: Its juice is known for pectin and fibre. It cleanses your bowel and improves colon health. It also acts against acidity and heartburn.

Litchi juice side effects

  • The diabetic patient shouldn’t take litchi juice because of its sugary contents.
  • It comes under warm fruit, so one shouldn’t take more litchi, which may lead to many disorders.
  • Extra doses of litchi may lead to nose bleeding, fever, and sore throat.
  • One shouldn’t take more than 10-12 litchi daily.
  • Excess eating or drinking of its juice may cause breathing problems.
  • Headache may also caused.

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