Top 10 Wonder Benefits Of Eating Rambutan For Weight Loss, Hair And Skin

Rambutan description

The fruit rambutan produces in a small size tree. The meaning of rambut is hair as the fruit is covered with numerous spine hairs. It is a native of Indonesia. It is known by different name like rambotan, ramboutan, rambustan and ramboetan. To greater extent, it is similar to lychee. It is known as super fruit because of its multiple benefits.

Nutritional facts of rambutan

It is full of nutrients. The 100 grams of the fruit contains 40% of vitamin C and 28% of Iron of your daily intake of these two minerals. The other nutrients are Water (78gm), Energy (82kcal), Protein (0.6gm), Carbohydrate (20.87gm), Fiber (0.9 gm), Calcium (22mg), Iron (0.35 mg), Magnesium (7mg), Phosphorous (9mg), Potassium (42mg), Sodium (11mg), Zinc (0.08mg), and vitamin C (4.9mg). It also contains meager amount of thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B-12 and vitamin A.

Unknown benefits of rambutan

Rambutan is known for many potential benefits because of presence of antioxidants, which fights free radicals. It is known to treat diabetes, cancer, inflammation, heart disease, etc.

  1. Weight loss: The fruit of rambutan is having low energy density. It is also full of fiber, which makes one feel full for longer period. All these lead to prevent weight gain.
  2. Hair health: The fruit contain vitamin C, which is good for hair follicles. The presence of copper ensures black color of hair and prevents graying of hair. The antibacterial properties and protein also help to hair health.
  3. Skin beauty: The application of the paste of its fruit helps to improve the facial complexion. It keeps your skin hydrate. The presence of copper and manganese makes your skin young.
  4. Aphrodisiac: Its leaves are aphrodisiac in nature. Immerse its leaves into water, left it for sometimes then drink it. It is believed to enhance sexual power and also good for fertility.
  5. Diabetes treatment: It is known for anti-diabetic properties. In a recent study, it has been that the eating of this fruit helps to reduce fasting blood glucose level. However, one should keep in mind that diabetic patient should take rambutan in excess. They should also consult doctor before using this fruit.
  6. Cardiac health: The fruit has adequate amount of fiber, which is good for the health of heart. It is also beneficial in reducing the risk of hypertension, strokes and lowers the level of cholesterol in blood.
  7. Strengthens bone: The presence of phosphorous and vitamin C helps to strengthening the bones; ensures bones formation and repairing.
  8. Prevents cancer: Its antioxidants and vitamin C helps to minimize the impact of cancers and its growth. Its peel also has anti-cancer properties. So, makes the habit of eating rambutan to combat various forms of cancer.
  9. Prevents infection: The fruit has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which help to fight with varied forms of infections. Also beneficial in case of wound healing and pus prevention.
  10. Improves digestion: It is full of fiber, which aids in digestion, ensures proper secretion of gastric juices thereby prevents constipation.

7 top facts about rambutan

  1. The leaves are used as painkiller because of analgesic properties.
  2. The paste of its leaves is good for scalp health.
  3. The application of seeds paste helps to improve the glow of facial skin.
  4. Eating raw peel has anti-inflammatory properties because of flavonoids, useful against cancer.
  5. It is the tree which produces fruits twice a year.
  6. A tree can produce about 6,000 fruits in a season.
  7. There are about 200 varieties of rambutan.

10 top uses of Rambutan

  1. It is used to shed fats from the body because of its high content of fiber.
  2. It is used to treat anemia as it contains adequate amount of iron.
  3. The eating of the fruit helps to increase the quality and quantity of sperm.
  4. It helps to kill intestinal bacteria.
  5. It is used to make sorbet and salads.
  6. It is useful in case of dysentery.
  7. It helps to boost energy.
  8. It increases the number of RBC and WBC.
  9. It is one of the important fruits, which enhances immunity.
  10. It is used to remove waste products from kidneys.

Side effects of eating rambutan

There are some precautions one has to take while before using it.

  1. Its seeds shouldn’t be eaten raw because of its poisonous nature.
  2. The presence of fructose can spike the sugar levels in blood. So, diabetic patients should avoid eating it in excess.
  3. It also should be avoided in case of hypertension.


Selection and storage of rambutan

While purchasing rambutan, one should ensure that the fruit should be fresh. Always buy red or yellow ones. Having mark in the fruit, skip to take it. At room temperature, it can be used for few days, however with refrigerator, its lifespan increases. To intact its nutrients and aroma, it should keep covered in refrigerator.

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