Hamdard Roohafza Sharbat Syrup Price, Ingredients And Recipes

Roohafza: an excellent summer quencher

If you want to be freshness and energetic, go for Hamdard roohafza. Hamdard’s roohafza is a natural refreshing summer drink and India’s one of the leading summer quencher. Roof Afza is an herbal concentrated squash cum refreshing sharbat syrup famous worldwide for its flavor cold deserts, lemonade, milk recipes and also used in making of numerous delicious and tasty recipes and dishes. Due to its unique flavor and benefits, it is used with milk shakes, lassi, falooda, kulfi, phirni, pudding and kheer. The syrup is popular among the masses because of its unique taste, excellence formula, fragrance and unraveled qualities. It is widely used in the holy month of Ramadan. The word roohafza has also unique meaning. Rooh means soul and afza means nourishes the soul.

Hamdard Roohafza Sharbat Syrup Price, Ingredients And Recipes
Roohafza Sharbat Syrup
Pic courtesy: Hamdard.in

 Roohafza sharbat syrup price

The price of  750 ml of roohafza is Rs. 150. Its order can be given on Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart,  Bigbasket, snapdeal, Hamdard.in, etc.

  • The pack size: 750 ml
  • Pack type: Plastic
  • Brand: Hamdard

Roofafza syrup ingredients: What roohafza made?

All the ingredients of roohafza are natural and derived from fruits, herbs, vegetables, flowers and roots.  The important ingredients are:

  • Fruits: Pineapple, apple, berries, orange, watermelon, citron, strawberry, raspberry, loganberry, cherry, concord grapes and blackcurrant.
  • Herbs: European white lily, Blue star water lily, lotus,  purslane, coriander, chicory and borage
  • Vegetables: Carrot, spinach, mint and Luffa aegyptiaca
  • Flowers: Rose, lemon, orange and Pandanus fascicularis
  • Roots: Vetiver.

Roohafza Recipes

  • Rooh Afza & Sabja Seeds: The drink is quite popular during summer. For the recipe, take chilled water (4 cups), soaked sabja seeds ( ½ tbsp.) and Roohafza and sugar as required. Lemon can also be add as per your necessity. Mix it properly. The recipe is ready to use. 
  • Rooh Afza Lemon Sharbat: Take chilled water (4 cups), Soaked sabja seeds (5 tbsp), lemon juice (3 tbsp), sugar (1 tbsp) and ice cube. Now mix it suitably before use.

Use of roohafza

It is used in multi-purposes

  • Its use with fresh milk and yoghurt is delicious.
  • Home-made ice cream
  • Sorbet
  • Slush
  • Smoothies
  • Sundaes
  • Other sweet and savory dishes

How roohafza is used in Ramadan

Because of its natural freshness and aromatic properties, roohafza is used by more or less all the people who do fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. Its use is quite simple.  For 2 serving, take about 1 lite of water and drop about 5-10 tbs of roohafza or as required. Now, mix it properly with required amount of sugar and lemon. Keep it in the freeze for 10-15 minutes. Now, it is ready to use and give you a refreshing aura after consuming it.   

Roohafza product details 

  • Roohafza is based upon Tibb-i-Unani formulation which contains refined sugar, Aqua fruits, aqua keora, aqua rose, aqua flowers, Color FD&C. (Red 40) and preservatives.
  • Saveur magazine of USA listed it among the top ten brands of the world in its list of 100 in 2007.

What are the benefits of roohafza

  • Weight gain: If you want to increase your weight, you may try roohafza. It helps to increase weight by promoting nitrogen balance in the body. For weight gain, one can use it along with milk or yoghurt.
  • Increases vigor and vitality: If you want to increase your stamina, vigor, energy and vitality, especially in the summer season, the best vet to opt is the use of roohafza.
  • Control dehydration: Being a natural and refreshing drink, it is also effective to maintain water balance in the body because of the presence of minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sulphur. All these roohafza minerals are helpful against dehydration, heat exhaustion and excessive sweating.
  • Fever control: A large number of people experiences fever during the scorching summer. This is also proved that the impact of cooling show greater impact on controlling of fever. There, the use of roohafza is effective to minimize the severity of fever to certain extent.
  • Control vomiting: The feeling of nausea and vomiting can also be reduced by using of roohafza.
  • Cardiac health: It is also been said the using of roohafza is good for the cardiovascular health. But, there is no as such evidences are found in this regards.
  • Indigestion: It is also beneficial in case of indigestion and stomach ache.

Owner of roohafza

The refreshing drink was discovered by Hakim Abdul Majeed, a renowned Unani physician and founder of Hamdard.  Hakim Abdul ji started this natural fresh drink from Old Delhi in 1906. Now, it is being prepared from three Hamdard (Waqf) laboratories-India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. From a simple establishment Lal Kuan, Old Delhi; Rooh Afza has successfully made a niche as one of the leading refreshing syrups in the world. Now, it is a leading brand in the world. In 2007, it was the top 10 drink in the world as survey by an USA magazine.

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