Hamdard Masturin for Women’s Health: Menstrual Problems, Cramps and Leucorrhoea

Masturin overview

Hamdard Masturin is a wonder of nature and amazingly quite effective for women’s reproductive health issues like menstrual, leucorrhoea, gynaecological problems, cramps, etc. The natural product works on the vital front of health and works wonders for uterine disorders.masturin-for-menstrual-problems

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Masturin ingredients

Masturin is constituted of the following natural components:

Masturin dosage for female reproductive disorders

Nature’s wonderful restorative masturin is suitable for many gynaecological problems. It is helpful in the treatment of many reproductive-related diseases. The disorders and dosages are given here after consulting with a Unani physician.

  • Menstrual problems: For menstrual irregularity, one should take 2 tbsp of mastering at night until the start of the next menstrual cycle.
  • Dysmenorrhoea: Take 2 tbsp of the natural wonder at night for dysmenorrhoea.
  • Leucorrhoea: For leucorrhoea, the same thing should be repeated.
  • Metritis: According to the physician, one should take 2 tbsp of masturin and lukewarm water at night. However, in severe cases, one may take one dose in the morning.
  • Uterine inflammation: It is helpful in uterine problems.
  • Uterine disorders

Masturin chemical composition

Masturin is the amalgam of medicinal herbs. The 10 ml of mastering contains the following Ayurvedic and Unani formulations.

  • Saraca indica: 500mg
  • Withania somnifera: 250mg
  • Abroma augusta: 125mg
  • Smilax officinalis: 125mg
  • Ferrous sulphate: 100mg
  • Rauwolfia serpentia: 100 mg
  • Valeriana wallichii: 23.6mg
  • Sugar & excipients

Masturin health benefits

  • It treats and cures menstrual problems, Dysmenorrhoea, Leucorrhoea, Metritis, Uterine inflammation, and uterine disorders.
  • It is one of the finest natural herbal formulations to relieve you from all the discomforts during menstruation.
  • This natural wonder helps to tone up the muscles
  • It naturally regulates the menstrual cycle and menstrual irregularities.
  • It helps to treat inflammatory pelvic disorders.
  • It is treated with many gynaecological disorders.
  • It makes you have a painful menstrual condition.
  • It shows a beneficial effect on your reproductive system.
  • It is helpful in headaches, mood changes, tiredness, and pain in the back and pelvic area.
  • It is suitable for some hormonal-related problems like PCOD.

Masturin for polycystic ovarian syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder. Several Unani physicians recommend mastering for PCOS. This Unani product helps with endometrium issues, thereby beneficial for menstrual irregularities.

Masturin side effects

  • It should be taken in pregnancy only after a physician’s consultation.
  • Masturin shows little or no side effects when taken in moderate quantity.
  • It may change mental activity.
  • It may affect the metabolic condition.
  • Growth rate altercation may happen to it.

Masturin price

Its price is $9.68

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  1. Aoa i want to ask that i have 3 years old baby but now i am not conceive.periods problem hai saray symptoms pregnancy waly hty hain but hyi nhe hai or periods bhe nhe hty phr medicine lati hu tb date ati hai kidly suggest krain k kya krun.

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