Health Benefits of Black Seed (Kalonji Oil) for Gynecological Diseases

Women are easily susceptible to various diseases due to faulty lifestyle, modernization, paradox shift in the dietary pattern blessed with liberalization, privatization, and globalization (LPG) effect, which led to disorders including gynecological and nutritional ill health. The rapid changes in the standard of living also triggered added disadvantages which further precipitated by lack of consciousness, dwindling sensitivity, social discrimination, hormonal imbalance, psychological factors, hereditary constitutional tendency, etc.

Common women diseases

Women are potentially getting engulfed to various diseases cauldron-like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases, urinary incontinence, impaired vision & hearing, gouty, rheumatoid, mental disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dental problems, repetitive stress injury, scoliosis, ankylosing spondylitis, strain & sprains, tendinitis,  osteoarthritis, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, gall bladder diseases, varicose veins, intertriginous dermatitis, ovarian fibroid cysts, dysmenorrhoea, infertility, etc. Gynecological disorders are also common among women.

Kalonji benefits for ladies health (women health)

Kalonji oil can play important roles in the treatment and managing of women’s health in the realm of gynecological disorders such as leucorrhoea, white discharge, menses discharge, stoppage of menses, menstrual problems, uterus problems, sexual weakness, stomach pain, etc. Black seed oil is also beneficial for beauty and a fair complexion. It is effective in removing pimples, acne, blemishes, black spots, and white spots. Also read: Wonder benefits of Black seed oil

Black seed oil cures Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea or leucorrhea is a secret disease of ladies where the vagina/female genitals observe yellowish, whitish, and thick discharge. This is generally happened due to infections in vaginal cells. Kalonji oil has leucorrhoea treatment. Make a mixture of mint leaves and water (½ liters). Cool it and add kalonji oil (½tsp). Drink it in the morning before taking breakfast and at the night before going to bed. These ingredients should continue for 30-40 days.

Kalonji oil treatment for white discharge

Women experience clear, white, or sometimes yellowish vaginal discharge, generally at the beginning or at the end of the menstrual cycle. It causes sometimes itching. The combination of mint leaves, black seed oil along the water is helpful in the treatment of white discharge. Mint leaves are boiled in water, after getting cool; add few drops of Nigella Sativa oil. Use the combination twice a day for forty days both in the morning as well as in the night before going to bed.

Irregular menses cure by Blackseed

Sometimes, ladies are facing menstruation cycles two to four times a month. It makes the lady weak and vulnerable to many diseases. For this, the combination of Pudina leaves, and kalonji oil along with water is highly useful.

How to solve menstrual problems?

For this condition, a mixture of Kalonji oil, honey, and water is recommended. First of all, make a mixture of Kalonji oil (½tsp), honey (2 tsp.), and warm water (1 cup). Use the mixture twice a day in the morning as well as in the evening for 40 days to get a positive result.

Black seed removes uterus stone

The mix of warm water, honey, and Nigella Sativa oil are good in removing uterus stone. The mixture should be taken twice a day. The patient should avoid tomatoes and spinach. Uterus disorders can also be solved if one takes the mix of spinach juice (½tsp), Misri powder (2 tsp.), and kalonji oil (½tsp) before breakfast. The mix should be continued till 1 month.

Kalonji oil for swollen vital organs

Before using Nigella sativa mix over the sensitive swollen parts, it is suggested to wash these portions with freshwater properly. Rub kalonji oil on the swollen parts and left it for 10-12 hours followed by washing it with soap. There is a greater chance that the problem of swollen will be got solved.

Black seed oil for maternity

The stage of maternity has to go through lots of pains and agony. After delivery, the mother feels physical & mental weakness, lethargies, tiredness, and problems of bleeding. The mixture of cucumber juice (1 cup) and Nigella sativa oil can play an important role when taken twice a day.

Black seed increases mother’s milk

The mix of kalonji oil and milk is helpful to secret more milk. The mother should take the combination of milk (1cup) and few drops of kalonji oil, twice a day for one week to have a positive result. The presence of lipid and hormone enables the black seed to flow more milk from the nursing mother- research by Potchefstroom University

Kalonji oil removes sexual weakness

The mix of Kalonji oil (½tsp), honey (2 tsp.), and jaiphal oil (½tsp) are good to remove sexual weakness. It should be taken once a week and continued for two weeks.

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9 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Black Seed (Kalonji Oil) for Gynecological Diseases”

  1. “Kalonji oil for swollen on vital organs

    Before using nigella sativa mix over the sensitive swollen parts, it is suggested to wash these portions with fresh water properly. Rub kalonji oil on the swollen parts and left it for 10-12 hours followed by washing it with soap. There is a greater chance that the problem of swollen will be got solved.”

    Must this be applied tothe vagina or drink it? – What is the mix made of?

    • Prefer drinking kalonji oil …one to two teaspoons morning and night with warming hot water !…it helps greatly but little slow !

  2. I have suffered from heavy periods for 20 years.
    I went for ablation 2 years ago even that didn’t help.
    So I stated taking black seed oil tablets X2 a day and magnesium and zinc tablets and Allhumdiila my period is much lighter and regular.
    I do have the odd heavy periods but not as bad as before.


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