5 Research Based Tips to Lose Weight Fast


There are diets, supplements and so called packed proteins, now and then makes big news for fast weight loss, but if we see them minutely, hardly anyone has any scientific evidences. Here, we will discuss research based proofs for weight loss that actually work. Many researches have been conducted in the areas like sound sleep, stress, fasting, diet, refined carbohydrate, intake of fiber, gut bacteria, etc., wherein it has been found that these diet plans and other strategies help in fast weight loss.

5 Research Based Tips to Lose Weight Fast

5 Research tips to lose weight

1. Sound Sleep

Many studies have shown correlations between obesity and sleep. It has been found that sleeping less than 7 to 8 hours result in obesity. The body unable to convert calories into energy due to insufficient amount of sleep that ultimately converted to fat. Inadequate sleeping also leads to more production of cortisol that also triggers fat storage.

2. Stress

Now-a–day, stress is becoming one of the important factors for numerous diseases including obesity and overweight. Prolong stress prompts the secretion of cortisol that instructs the body to eat more. However, stress can be counter through the practice of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises viz. pranayama.   Read: Stress & Yoga 

3. Gut Bacteria

Hundreds of research has been conducted on gut bacteria health and its impacts on human body functioning including fat accumulation. Our body is consisted of about 37 trillion bacteria. Basically, the very motto of these bacteria to expedite energy production from the calorie consumption thereby enhances smooth food assimilation and accordingly prevention fat deposition. The amount of gut bacteria increases in the body by taking foods viz. fruits, vegetables, fermented foods (Sauerkraut, curd, yogurt and tempeh), onion, garlic, banana and avocado.

4. Take adequate amount of fiber

Taking of suitable amounts of fiber ensures fullness of the stomach, leading to lesser craving towards food thus an effective way for weight loss. Therefore, one should take foods viz. fruits, vegetables, peas, beans, pulses, nuts, seeds, oats, barley and rye.

5. No to sugar and refined carbohydrate

Juices and beverages sugar’s impacts are manifold on obesity, weight gain and other lifestyle related diseases and disorders. No should strictly avoid refined carbohydrate such as white rice, bread and pasta as these are lacking fiber. These foods are absorbed quickly in blood in the form of glucose and promote the secretion of insulin. On the other hand, insulin triggers fat storage in the body.

7 healthy tips to help you lose weight

  1. Eat slowly
  2. One shouldn’t skip meals
  3. Keep yourself hydrated
  4. Do intermittent fasting
  5. Your breakfast should be protein rich
  6. More thrust upon exercise
  7. Alcohol and junk foods should be minimized.


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