Uttana Mandukasana (Stretched Up Frog Pose) Steps, Benefits And Precautions

What is Uttana Mandukasana?

Uttana means upright or stretched up, and ‘Manḍuka’ means frog. The final position of Uttana Mandukasana resembles a good frog, hence the name. In Manḍukasana, the head is held by the elbows. This is one of the vital yoga poses of the International Day of Yoga standard yoga protocol. Uttana Mandukasana comes under Cultural or corrective asana and brings stability and a sense of well-being. This yoga pose helps to correct postural defects, disturbed function of various systems, and improper muscle tone. The stretched-up frog yoga pose has been mentioned in many ancient yogic texts, including Gheraṇḍasaṁhita.

Uttana Mandukasana (Stretched Up Frog Pose) Steps, Benefits And Precautions
Uttana Mandukasana

How to Uttana Mandukasana step by step?

The simple technique of doing an upright frog pose is given below.

  • Sit in Vajrasana.
  • Spread both knees wide apart while the toes remain together.
  • Raise your right arm, fold it and, take it backwards from above the right shoulder and place the palm below the left shoulder.
  • Now fold the left arm similarly and place the palm from above below the right shoulder. 
  • Maintain the position. While coming back, slowly remove the left arm and then the right arm; bring the knees together as in the initial appointment.   

10 benefits of Uttana Mandukasana

  1. Throat pain: The practice of the yoga pose gives adequate stretch to the muscles and nerves of the throat region thus suitable to provide relief from throat pain.
  2. Back pain: Practicing the yoga pose with the technique mentioned above provides suitable stretching to the entire back muscles, including the lower back. Therefore, practising it regularly helps to make the back muscles flexible and supple, thereby relieving back-related straining and pain.
  3. Diaphragm movements: It gives adequate stretching to the diaphragm and lung regions, thus facilitating breathing. Therefore, practising the yoga pose is effective in overcoming respiratory congestion.
  4. Cervical spondylitis: A large number of people are suffering from cervical spondylitis, especially who is working with computer and laptop. The practice of the pose helps get relief from shoulder pain and cervical problems.
  5. Knee strengthening: While practising the yoga pose, provide suitable stretch and pressure on the knees. Regular practice helps to strengthen the knees and its adjoining muscles.  
  6. Elbow health: It is beneficial for the health of elbows because of adequate stretching in the elbow regions.
  7. Shoulder pain: If you are facing shoulder pain or discomfort, practising Ottawa mandukasana will help relieve this problem.
  8. Side abdominal fat: It gives adequate stretching to the abdominal sides. Regular practice and maintaining it for a certain period of time help to shed the extra fats from the sides of the abdominal region. This helps to make you slim, especially in the tummy area.  
  9. Reproductive organs: It has been seen that the practice of the yoga pose is helpful for the health of ovaries and testis and helps resolve menstrual problems.
  10. Spinal health: It helps to strengthen the entire spine. It is effective in the case of lumbar thoracic and cervical regions.  

Precautions of Uttana Mandukasana

The following contradictions and cautions should be taken while performing this yoga pose

  • Those with arthritis, hernia, and back problems shouldn’t practice this yoga pose.
  • If there are problems in the knee or its adjoining area, skip to practice it.
  • It shouldn’t be practised in case of pregnancy and menstruation.
  • This asana should not be practised even if there is pain in the elbow.
  • This posture should not be done if somebody is having severe pain in the shoulders.

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  1. Uttana Mandukasana improves blood circulation significantly and efficiency of the Pancreas. It also helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Thank you for sharing how to do uttan mandukasana step by step.


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