Top 10 Yoga Poses and Exercises for Back Pain Relieve

Top 10 Yoga Poses and Exercises for Back Pain Relieve

How back pain is caused?

Back pain is joint these days, irrespective of age groups. Due to faulty living styles and sedentary living modes, even children face backache. Sometimes, back pain is unbearable in the case of adults and old age people. Back pain also tolls office-goers who spend long hours in a particular sitting position. In MNCs, BPOs, and big companies, the employees often spend long working hours where the severity of back pain is typical. Due to extended hours of sitting, the hamstring and iliopsoas muscles shorten, leading to strain and pain in the lower back. The athlete also faces back pain due to excessive running and jumping, giving jerks and music to the back region. 

How is Yoga good for back pain?

Yoga is quite effective in preventing, managing, and treating lower back pain. The best yoga poses and exercises are given for back pain solutions.

  1. Setu bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge pose): This asana helps remove strain from the back and neck and facilitates good massage to the back. It gives the spine a backward movement and removes pressure from the back. Setu bandha Sarvangasana gives strength and flexibility to the back. This is one of the vital yoga for backache easing.
  2. Shalabhasana (Locust Pose): Shalabhasana gives the spine strength, thus providing elasticity and relieving pain in the sacral and lumbar regions. The person facing a slipped disc also gets relief from this asana. Shalabhasana provides gentle massage and acts as an antidote to back pain. It provides flexibility and brings endurance to the back. Shalabhasana is an effective yoga exercise for backache.
  3. Dhanurasana (Bow pose): Dhanurasana brings back elasticity to the back and removes stiffness from the back region. It strengthens the back muscles and improves flexibility. The spinal column is realigned and rejuvenated. The ligaments, muscles, and nerves are given good stretch, which provides flexibility to the spine and makes it more supple and healthy. Dhanurasana can play a vital role in the prevention of back pain.
  4. Ushtrasana (Camel pose): Ushtrasana improves strength and flexibility in the spine region. It gives a beautiful backward bend and loosens the spinal nerves. Regular practice of this asana is highly beneficial for backache treatment.
  5. Marjariasana (Cat pose): Marjariasana loosens up the spine. It is highly beneficial for chronic back pain.
  6. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose): Those people who suffer from a slipped disc or sciatica can benefit from this asana. Many people suffer from chronic back pain by sitting in one position for a prolonged period or having a stiff and unhealthy spine. Bhujangasana is just like a panacea for them.
  7. Januchalan (Knee and Neck movement): Alternate knee and neck movement is beneficial for the back’s neuromuscular structure, thereby alleviating cervical spondylitis and lower back pain.
  8. Tadasana (Palm tree pose): The palm tree pose improves spinal elasticity and is suitable for overcoming back strain.
  9. Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half spinal twist pose): It has been found beneficial in the treatment of backache, neck ache, and headache, as well as general body stiffness. It helps to remove any tendency towards round shoulders and has been found helpful by many people with mild sciatic and slipped disc cases.
  10. Matsyasana (Fish Pose): Matsyasana gives excellent massage to the back and is beneficial in preventing and managing back pain.

Despite these yoga poses and asanas, there are many stretching & twisting exercises, along with yoga exercises, which are beneficial in managing back pain. Some of the essential stretching exercises are mentioned below.

Excellent exercises for back pain

  1. Supine hamstring stretch: It is good to overcome back pain when a towel is strapped over the straightened foot while placing the other foot on the ground. Now, you can stretch the foot facing the ceiling. Do this exercise for 3-4 rounds and change the leg.
  2. Legs up the wall: Take a prone position. Bring your body as well as the thighs near the border. Now, raise your legs to 90 degrees and place them against the wall. No space should be left between your thighs and the wall. Maintain the position for a few minutes and continue it for three to four rounds. It will give you relief from your back pain as well as also removes your tiredness. Doing the exercise, spread your hands parallel to the shoulder.
  3. Spine stretching: Sit in Padmasana or any other comfortable position. Now, raise both hands and pull them upward by interlocking your fingers while inhaling. Maintain the position for 10-15 seconds while inhaling and exhaling steadily. Come to the original place slowly by exhaling.
  4. Spine twisting right and left: Sit in a comfortable position. Inhale and raise your hands upward by interlocking your fingers. Stretch the body upward and bend right while exhaling. Maintain it for 10 seconds and come to the original position by inhaling. Follow the same procedure with the left turn.
  5. Twisting the spine forward and backwards

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