Herbal Hair Fall Control and Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Meaning

Hair Fall and Hair Loss has become common both at among youth as well as at the older stages. At the younger stage, hair loss is replaced by newer strands, but sometimes, it didn’t happen. There are many reasons for hair loss among men and women, but the situation is more chronic in towns and cities due to faulty lifestyle. The factors responsible for hair loss are poor diet, stress & strain, tension, chronic diseases, environmental factors, age, thyroid imbalance, medications, allergies, hormonal changes in pregnancy and menopause, genetic tendencies, and using more synthetic dyes.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Nature offers lots of herbs and ayurvedic plants that can be used as hair loss treatment. Ayurveda has a greater role to play in prevention of hair fall. Massage is one of the best ways to minimise the intensity of hair loss as it improves the blood circulation and enable the hair follicles to re-grow hair. Massage with coconut oil, Brahmi, Bhringaraj and Vitamin E oil are effective in hair loss prevention. Massage the scalp with coconut oil and camphor is good for hair. Massage with the mix of honey and egg yolk is good for strengthening of hair. Ayurvedic diet yoghurt, curd, diet rich in vitamin C and B; sprouts, fresh leafy vegetables, fruits, ginger, soy, and honey are effective in strengthening of hair. It is also suggested that one should keep oneself away from the fast and junk foods. Massaging or washing hair with boiled neem water is beneficial in curing of hair related problems. Herbs like ginkgo, biloba, and bilberry are wonder as a natural home remedy.

Hair Loss Home Remedy

Home remedy treatment means to care your body parts with the existing resources at home. Home remedy treatments are 100 per cent safe and sustainable. Everybody has lemon in one’s home, but very few know about its hair significances. Rinse your hair and scalp with lemon juice, it is extremely beneficial in preventing of hair fall and curing of baldness. Put a comparatively hot-dip water towel after squeezing on your head, leave it for some time, practicing it for a few days helps to strengthen the hair. Apply the paste of curd, lemon and mustard oil on your head, washes your hair after 20-30 minutes. The technique helps you in preventing baldness. The boiling mixture of mehndi leaves and mustard oil is also good for shining hair.

Hair Care through Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic aspects of hair should be seen through Kapha dosha, Pitta dosha and Vata dosha. The different features of hair are associated with the three doshas-Kapha, Pitta and Vata. The oleation of the hair is received from Kapha dosha, softness from Pitta dosha and the black colour due to Vata dosha. The nourishment of hair depends entirely upon the Rasa dhatu. Derangement in Rasa that causes hair fall and premature greying. Numerous herbs are recommended in Ayurvedic texts, for common hair ailments like hair-fall, premature greying, alopecia, dandruff, dryness and growth promotion.

Herbs Promoting Hair Growth

Country Mallow, Bacopa monieri, Costus, Coconut Palm, Liquorice, Beleric Myrobalan, Long Zedoary, Babchi, Indian Gooseberry, Sesame, Indian Spikenard, Indian sarsaparilla,

Ayurveda Preventing Hair Fall

Coconut Palm, Bacopa monieri, Liquorice, Kulanjana, Lemon, Long Zedoary, Sesame, Evolvulus Alsinoides,

Herbs for Alopecia

Coconut Palm, Agnimantha, Punarnava, Bruhati, Karanja, Shathi, gunja, Japa, Patola, Parijataka, Tila,

Ayurveda for Dying Hairs

Nilini, Bhringaraja, Madayantika, Nirgundi, Bibhitaka

Herbs preventing Premature greying

Tila, Amalaki, Haritaki, Bibhitaka, Shankhpushpi,

Herbs for dandruff

Nimbuka, Methika, Tila, Yashtimadhu,

List of Best Hair Oil

A large number of herbal oil is available in the market. The different herbs and their products are used in promoting hair growth, prevent the hair fall, prevent the premature greying, enhanced the lustre of hair; mitigate dandruff, and other conditions associated with hair. For all the hair all preparation, two oils-coconut and sesame plays vital roles. Here is the list of some top Ayurvedic oils are:

  1. Bacopa monieri Oil
  2. Beleric Myrobalan Oil
  3. Indian Gooseberry Oil
  4. Japakusmadi Oil
  5. Mahabhrungaraja Oil
  6. Liquorice Oil
  7. Vatajatadi Oil
  8. Coconut Palm Oil
  9. Anu oil

Natural Hair Loss Prevention

The best way to make your hair glow and shining is the natural means. The fruit juice of Indian Gooseberry is used for hair-wash. It helps in prevention of greying and hair fall. The Indian Gooseberry juice is also helpful in giving a glow to the hair. The application of the paste of seeds of Beleric Myrobalan prevents premature greying of hair. The decoction of sesame roots and leaves is used as hair-wash for hair growth. The mix of sesame oil, Liquorice and Amalaki is good in preventing of hair-fall. Hair-wash with the decoction of Liquorice prevents hair loss. Enhanced oil of Long Zedoary is good for massaging the scalp. It prevents baldness too.

How to Control Hair Fall?

The fresh juice of the leaves of Trailing Eclipta along with sesame oil is beneficial for the growth of hair. When Margosa seeds oil instilled daily into nose combats in prevention of hair fall. Hair fall can be prevented when the paste of sesame oil, roots of Baliospermum montanum and Silk Cotton tree are applied on hair. Shankhapushpi oil controls hair fall and greying of hair. The massage with sesame seed oil is widely used as a hair growth and prevention of hair fall. Lemon oil is used as a conditioner and massage, which is beneficial in hair loss prevention. The daily massage of the scalp with coconut oil promotes hair growth and prevents the hair fall. The head massage with coconut oil alleviates Pitta dosha. Fenugreek seeds powdered are extremely beneficial in management of glowing and shining hair. The dandruff can be controlled when the powdered of fenugreek seeds are used.  A paste of fresh leaves of fenugreek applied over the scalp regularly before washing the hair, cures dandruff and keeps the hair silky.

Hair Fall Remedy through Ayurveda

The mix of sesame oil along with Brahmi, Kulanjan and Vacha is very useful for prevention and growth of hair. Hair wash with Chebulic Myrobalan decoction helps to shine hair and prevent premature greying. Indian Spikenard when mixed with hair oil helps to promote hair growth and imparts glowing. Saffron and Maricha are taken in equal parts and pounded in oil of Jambeera, enable to cure alopecia. A paste of Amalaki, Costus, Jatamansi and Bala when applied to the hair, provides growth and strength. The oil of walnut fruits massaged to the scalp improves the hair growth and lustre. The paste of Indigo leaves is used in growth of hair. If you want silky and lustre hair, it is suggested to hair-wash with fenugreek seeds (2tsp) powered, which is soaked overnight.

How to Blacken Hair Naturally?

These days, we are exerting more to artificial dyes to blacken hairs. Artificial dyes can’t be the substituted of natural dyes. It is better to use herbal dyes for natural growth and shining of hair. The fresh juice of Trailing Eclipta leaves blacken the hair. It is the best natural hair dye. Hair wash with the decoction of Triphala darkens the hair. Enhanced oil of Beleric Myrobalan boosts the hair growth and imparts black colour to them.  The mix of sesame roots and leaves is used as a blackening of hair. The mix of sesame oil and Heena leaves promotes the hair growth and darkens them. Heena is widely used as a coloring agent and also used with other natural dyes to make hair glow and shine. Cobra’s Saffron and Oak Galls are used in e hair-dye preparations. The paste of Indigo leaves is used in darkens the hair. The juice of Indigo leaves is used as the best natural hair dye. The paste of the leaves of indigo and Henna works well as a natural dye.

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