How To Lose Tummy Fat Naturally

Diet for quick weight loss

Diet can play a pivotal role in losing weight or maintaining weight. Overeating leads to the accumulation of fat, which results in obesity and obesity. So, diet selection should be the utmost priority in today’s lifestyle. The following dietary rules should be followed while preparing or taking food.

  • After lunch or dinner, it is better to eat fruits instead of sweets.
  • Cereals and high-calorie grains should be mixed with fresh vegetables.
  • Take pulse but cook it with fresh vegetables.
  • Instead of sugar, artificial sweeteners may be taken.
  • Use skimmed or fat-free milk.
  • Give more thrust to salads before your meals as salads contain roughage, vitamins, and antioxidants, which are suitable for losing weight fast.
  • Cooking vegetables without oil is desirable.
  • Boiled vegetables and soup should be preferred at dinner time.

How to lose belly fat through Yoga

Obesity and obese people may invite grave risk factors such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, etc. Several Yoga poses and yoga asanas can be practised to overcome weight problems. The up-stretched arms yoga pose (Hastottanasana) helps reduce burning fat from the hips and buttocks. The half-wheel Yoga Pose Ardhachakrasana reduces abdominal fat. The lateral angle yoga pose (Parsvakonasana) is beneficial in burning the waist, thighs, arms, and hips fat. The camel Yoga Ustrasana is highly helpful in the melting of abdominal fat. The boat yoga Naukasana can be practised for Weight Loss of the waist and abdomen. The Anti-flatus yoga posture- Pawanmuktasana, burns and dissolves abdominal fat. The wheel yoga pose -Chakrasana, is suitable for slimming the waistline. The cobra yoga asana (Bhujangasana) helps tone the abdomen. Yoga poses like Agnisara and Vajrayana are also vital in reducing weight.

Naturopathy for quick weight loss

  •  Fasting once a week with juices is preferred as it helps to shed weight.
  • Bottle gourd juice is also beneficial for weight reduction.
  • Low-calorie juices like orange, watermelon, and pomegranate should be preferred.
  • Have Alfalfa, moong, gram, etc. sprouts to help manage weight.
  • Fruits like papayas, oranges, and watermelon are recommended for controlling weight.
  • Drink a glass of water about 20 minutes before your meal as it helps to fill your stomach, preventing the person from eating excess food.
  • Fruits should be preferred between meals.
  • One should adopt a naturopathic way of lifestyle.
  • Control your diet and follow a diet regimen.
  • It is better to take food as per the diet chart.
  • Lemon in water and citrus fruits are preferred in the morning.

Home remedies for weight loss

For weight loss, a glass of warm water and 1 tsp of honey may be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Continuing it for one month will indeed show good results. One can avoid weight and weight gain if lukewarm water is being taken throughout the day as it helps to melt fat. Ginger tea also acts like a fat dissolver. Three white products, i.e. sugar, salt, and maida, should be avoided, as these help with weight gain.

Unani medicine for weight loss

One gram of Luke –e-Maghsool (Lac) may be taken with water in the morning to shed weight. It is a highly beneficial medicine which is recommended for obese patients. Unani medicine, like Jawarish Kamooni Kabir, can be used for weight loss. Jawarish Kamooni Kabir may be taken twice a day. When a small amount of about 10 grams of Majoon-e-Muhazzil is taken regularly, it helps manage weight. Majoon-e-Muqil is also suitable for obese patients. It is generally taken at bedtime.

Weight prevention tips

  • Avoid junk foods, ice cream, fatty products, sweets, etc.
  • Less importance should be given to bananas, mangoes, cheekus, and grapes.
  • Your stomach should fill with 50% rice or chappati, 25% by water, and 25 % should be empty.
  • Oils should rarely used while cooking foods.
  • One should not take chappati by using ghee.
  • Avoid eating  pasta or gratin as they have a high calorific value
  • Don’t prefer things made up of refined flour.
  • Avoid eating bread and sandwiches.
  • Butter has high-calorie content, so avoid it in any form.
  • Butter or cream should be avoided in soup.
  • Pizzas are also having very high calories. So keep yourself away from it.
  • Cold drinks have high calories, so check them and replace them with juice.
  • Condensed milk should be avoided.
  • Starving leads to more eating, so avoid it.
  • Losing weight 2-3 Kg. in a month is recommended; don’t exert for more.
  • Fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, and walnuts should be avoided because of more fat content.
  • Avoid taking all coconut products in your foods.
  • Chocolate is not suitable for losing weight.
  • Don’t use short techniques to lose weight.
  • Curd should be avoided at night.

Weight can also be prevented by following an optimum busy schedule. A brisk walk for half an hour is an effective way to lose weight.

Alternative Medicine is a broad term that comprises Yoga, Ayurved medicine, Homeopathy medicine, Unani medicine, Siddha, Naturopathy treatment, Diet, and Home remedies. Complementary medicine is synonymous with alternative medicine. Complementary and Alternative Medicine help manage, reduce, and prevent obesity and weight.

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