12 Homeopathic Medicines for Memory Loss Treatment

What is memory loss?

Memory loss or amnesia is when people forget or cannot recall a person’s name, place, event, etc. In the case of short-term and long-term memory, the concerned person exerts more and more thrust upon his mind to recall the happenings and activities of the past. The leading cause of amnesia is the weakening of brain cells. Though memory loss was generally observed in older people, it is now also seen within. Homoeopathy medicines can be used to treat memory loss (1).

12 Homeopathic Medicines for Memory Loss Treatment
Homeopathy Medicines

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  • Impairment of brain cells
  • Weakening of brain
  • Stress and anxiety

Eight Fruits for Memory Loss Management

  1. Almond: If you are feeling problems with forgetfulness, taking almonds is a suitable option to strengthen the brain. Soak 5-6 almonds overnight after removing their skin. The inhaling of almond oil is also beneficial for brain health.
  2. Apple: Apple is rich in boron, a memory enhancement biochemical substance.
  3. Date: Dates are excellent for people with weak memory. Significantly, aged people and post-menopausal women should eat this fantastic fruit regularly.
  4. Indian gooseberry: Indian gooseberry or its juice benefits those with weak concentration.
  5. Indian pennywort: The leaves of Brahmi are known to improve the retentive and receptive capacity of the mind. Half a teaspoonful of powdered Brahmi leaves in a glass of milk helps enhance mental weakness.
  6. Pomegranate: Its juice mixed with honey suits the amnesia patient.
  7. Prune: Taking 3-4 prunes benefits old and debilitated people.
  8. Walnut: Eating this fruit increases the secretion of neuro enzymes and strengthens the brain.

Ten home remedies to improve memory loss

  1. Asafoetida: It is a brain tonic that strengthens the brain and nervous system. Boil two cups of water and one teaspoonful of hing, cool it and sip it slowly for mental alertness.
  2. Black pepper: The grounded powder of black pepper is good for dementia patients.
  3. Cabbage: It benefits those with Alzheimer‟s disease.
  4. Cinnamon: Cinnamon powder and honey help improve memory.
  5. Clove: The powder of cloves and mustard seeds helps enhance concentration.
  6. Coriander seed: Boil one teaspoon of coriander seed with two glasses of milk and four glasses of water till it reduces to half. Use it in the morning and evening in ageing and having cerebrovascular accidents.
  7. Cumin seeds: They are termed brain food. The use of powder of black cumin seeds and honey does wonders in children, especially those who have dyslexia and have attention deficit disorder.
  8. Poppy seeds: Using the decoction of poppy seeds is good for weak memory.
  9. Rosemary: It is a herb for remembrance and helps in conditions like mental fatigue and forgetfulness.
  10. Sage leaves: It helps to improve focus and concentration.

12 Homoeopathic medicines for memory loss treatment

  1. Anacardium 30 C: In cases of absent-mindedness, especially in students, Anacardium 30 C may be given every six hours.
  2. Calcarea Carb 200 C: This medicine can be given to forgetfulness in fat and flabby people due to overwork. Four pills of it can be taken twice a day.
  3. Arnica 200 C: If somebody has memory loss due to injury to the head, the four pills of Arnica 200 C can be taken a day.
  4. Cannabis Indica 30 C: Four pills can be taken twice daily if somebody forgets excessively.
  5. Opium 200 C: Diabetic patients are experiencing feeble memory. They can be given Opium 200 C, four pills twice a day.
  6. Zinc 30 C: It is recommended for children with dull intellect who repeat everything. Four pills of the medicine can be given four times a day.
  7. Sulphur 200 C: This is suggested for the person who is lazy, irritable and has a weak memory. It can be given four pills once a week for two months.
  8. Baryta Carb 30 C: Four pills of Baryta Carb 30 C are given every six hours to those who have mental weakness, inattention and confusion.
  9. Picric Acid 30 C: Picric Acid 30 C is given to those students who do challenging work in their studies but start developing memory loss during the exam. Four pills of it can be given a day thrice.
  10. Zinc Phos 30 C: Those with mental weakness associated with nervousness and sleeplessness. Zinc Phos 30 C can be given four pills thrice a day.
  11. Cocculus Ind 30 C: Those who are easily distracted and have memory issues. Four pills of Cocculus Ind 30 C can be given after six hours.
  12. Staphysagria 30 C: Staphysagria 30 C is given memory problems due to emotional excitement or too much sexual indulgence.

Top facts about memory loss

  • It is more common in people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, irregular sleep and psychological illnesses.
  • Doing yoga, pranayama and meditation helps improve concentration.
  • Outdoor games are also effective for the condition.
  • Sudden forgetfulness is very rare.
  • Deficiencies of zinc, iron and boron may lead to a lack of concentration.
  • Adequate sleep of 7-8 hours is good for memory.


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