Panch Phoron Recipes, Uses and Benefits

Panch Phoron Recipes, Uses and Benefits

 What is panch phoron

Panch phoron consists of two words: Panch means five and Phoron means flavor. It is an amalgam of five spices with individual distinct flavor and taste. Thus, it gives a unique flavor and delicious taste to the recipes. Panch phoron is the blend of five important spices i.e. fenugreek seed, nigella seed (kalonji), cumin seed, black mustard seed, and fennel seed in equal proportion. However, to have more/less taste of a particular ingredient, the quantity of the said spice can be increased/decreased. It is commonly used to make different recipes in India and Bangladesh. In India, it is popular in the northern as well as Eastern parts of India but it is well admired in Bengal where they can’t imagine Bengali food without panchpuran.Panch phoron benefits

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List of Top 15 Indian Spices Health Benefits

  1. Clery Seeds (Ajwain)
  • Massage with Ajwain seed oil is useful for joint pain.
  • A mix of ajwain seed +dried ginger + black salt ease gas and indigestion.
  • Its seeds powder + black salt works well for hyperacidity.
  • Good for glowing of skin.
  • Seed powder +rock salt + buttermilk is a wonderful mixture for dry cough.
  • Bedwetting can be solved if it is taken with Tribulus.

2. Ginger

  • Ginger juice is quite effective for earache.
  • Useful for backache and toothache.
  • Chewing a small quantity of ginger + salt enhances appetite.
  • Dried ginger hardens the stool while fresh one loses it.
  • Ginger + salt mitigates constipation and flatulence.
  • Juice in a small quantity of ginger and honey is good for cold and cough.

3. Liquorice

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Wonder Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Coriander (Cilantro)

Cilantro medicinal benefits

Coriander or Dhaniya in the Indian subcontinent is extremely useful for multiple health purposes. Cilantro is an excellent appetizer, helps in proper secretion of enzymes and digestive juices in the stomach, stimulates digestion, peristaltic motion, and prevents flatulence. It is a good source of dietary fiber and relieves intestinal gas, beneficial for constipation, piles, and stomach pain. It is helpful for cough, removes bad smell from the mouth, and an excellent antiseptic. It removes phlegm, reduces fever, and offers a feeling of coolness.

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Top Health Benefits and Nutritional Value of Ferula Asafoetida (Hing)

What is the meaning of Asafoetida?

Asafoetida is the dried gum that comes from species of ferula. Asafoetida consists of resins (40-60%), gum (25%), volatile oil (10-17 %) and ash (1-10%). Asafoetida is known as devil’s dung because of its bitter taste and pungent smell. The important substance in the Indian kitchen, having the strongest smell and a pinch of which is more than enough to bring flavor to all the food items is asafetida or Hing. Asafetida is also known as the food of the Gods. Asafoetida meaning in different languages are given as follow:

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Ajwain Water Recipes, Uses and Benefits

Ajwain water benefits

Ajwain water or Bishop Weed water is very useful for many health and medicinal purposes. Ajwain water is an effective ayurvedic marvel against many diseases and disorders. If somebody needs instant relief against gastritis, constipation, stomach ache, indigestion, heaviness in the stomach, etc., it is recommended ajwain water as one of the best home remedies. Ajwain water is given to small babies having colic and gas related problems. The problem of indigestion is common with pregnant ladies; ajwain water is genuinely recommended them. Ajwain water is beneficial before and after delivery. Carom seeds water is also useful in the cleansing of the stomach and uterus. Ajwain water is known as oma water too.  Drinking of Ajwain water for an irregular period is suggested.

How to make ajwain water?

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Carom Seeds (Ajwain) Benefits for Gastritis and Acidity Control

Acidity and hyperacidity cause

There are many reasons and factors that accounted for acidity and hyperacidity. Acidity reflux disease causes excess secretion of acid in the stomach. The long interval between two eating times may be the reason for acidity. Acid reflux leads to heartburn and acid indigestion where acid may be observed in the esophagus region, which leaked from the stomach. Some of the important causes of acidity and heartburn are as follow:

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