Ajwain Water Recipes, Uses and Benefits

Ajwain water benefits

Ajwain water or Bishop Weed water is beneficial for many health and medicinal purposes. Ajwain water is a practical Ayurvedic marvel against many diseases and disorders. If somebody needs instant relief against gastritis, constipation, stomach ache, indigestion, heaviness, etc., ajwain water is recommended as one of the best home remedies. Ajwain water is given to tiny babies having colic and gas-related problems. The problem of indigestion is common with pregnant ladies; ajwain water is genuinely recommended to them. Ajwain water is beneficial before and after delivery. Carom seed water is also helpful in cleansing the stomach and uterus. Ajwain water is known as oma water, too.  Drinking Ajwain water for an irregular period is suggested.

How to make Ajwain water?

How to prepare ajwain water is a straightforward thing. In making carom seeds, water, a combination of ajwain (2 tsp) and water (200 ml) is required. Initially, I roasted the ajwain on a low flame until its smell started. Now, boil the water till it becomes brown. Mix both components and strain them before using them. It is ready now to serve people suffering from indigestion and flatulence or may be given to small children.

Ajwain water recipes

Ajwain and Ajwain water are used for many health-beneficial recipes. Ajwain recipes are used to treat diseases and disorders, too.

  1. Ajwain and fennel seeds water: It is prepared when carom (½ tsp) and fennel seeds (1 tsp) are boiled in water (1 litre) for 10-15 minutes. Please leave it to cool, followed by straining before using. This recipe is good for the stomach and uterus. The colic problem of babies can also be reduced by giving this mixture.
  2. Culinary recipes of carom seeds: Carom seeds are used to enhance the taste of many cooking recipes. Ajwain increases the flavour and savour of bread, biscuits, soups, snacks, and sauces.
  3. Ajwain water for cooking: Carom seeds water is used in the cooking process to make the dishes flavour and to increase its medicinal properties. Its robust flavour makes it the favourite spice in the Indian kitchen.
  4.   Carom seeds paratha: The following ingredients make ajwain paratha. The ingredients are wholemeal flour (3 cups), crushed carom seeds (3tsp), turmeric powder (½ tsp), chilli powder (½ tsp), vegetable oil (4 tsp), curd (½ cup), and lukewarm water. Black salt may also be used in small quantities.

Weight Loss with Ajwain water

Few people know that Ajwain or carom seeds water is good for losing weight. Carom seeds enhance the rate of metabolism, which results in fat burning, thereby helping in weight loss. To make ajwain water for weight loss, take 25 grams of ajwain and soak it into one glass of water overnight. Mix it and strain it in the morning. Add a tsp of honey to the mixture and drink it. Continue it for 15-20 days to get weight loss benefits. Chewing carom seeds in the morning before breakfast is also beneficial for Ajwain to lose weight.

Ajwain water cures stomach gas

I made a mixture of water (1 glass), ajwain seed powder (1 tsp), dried ginger powder (1 tsp), and black salt (a small amount). Drinking this Ajwain mixture helps to treat stomach gas and gastritis. Make Ajwain water and mix a black salt pinch to cure the gas. Simply drinking Ajwain water also helps in treating gas problems.  Boil the mixture of water (half a litre) and carom seeds (3 tsp). Boil it for 15-20 minutes. Strain it and drink the mix to solve the problem of gas.  Drinking lukewarm Ajwain water solves the issues of gas and flatulence.

How is Ajwain water suitable for infants?

Ajwain water can be given to infants and babies to treat colic and gas-related problems. A freshly prepared half spoon may be given to the babies. Ajwain water reduces the gas problems in babies, thereby frequent crying. It is also suggested that the babies should be given warm water to keep them hydrated. The infants may also be given ajwain, fennel, and water to minimise their colic problems.

Ajwain water for acidity

Faulty lifestyle and wrong food habits, such as eating more fried and spicy foods, excess use of beverages and fermented foods, stress, anxiety, etc., lead to acidity, hyperacidity, and acid reflux. Ajwain water will be a helpful treatment in curing acidity, hyperacidity, and acid reflux. Drinking Ajwain water and a small amount of black salt will be beneficial in curing hyperacidity. Make a solution of carom seeds, cumin seeds, and ginger powder to treat acid reflux.

Carom Seeds water is good for constipation

Ajwain is an essential kitchen ingredient with health and medicinal benefits. Women, especially, keep ajwain in their kitchen as home remedies for many diseases and conditions like constipation, indigestion, gas, acidity, stomach pain, etc.  Ajwain has inherent ayurvedic properties to digest foods, thus suitable for digestion.  When the mix of ajwain seed powder, dried ginger powder, and black salt is taken, it helps ease constipation. The presence of thymol in carom seeds smooths the secretion of gastric juices and improves digestion, thus ensuring relief of constipation.  Drinking lukewarm ajwain water is good for constipation.

Top benefits of Ajwain water

  1. Overeating causes many stomach disorders; ajwain is a panacea for such problems.
  2. Ajwain water is good for gas, gastritis, and acidity.
  3. Ajwain water is good at curing and treating indigestion.
  4. It helps to cleanse the urinary bladder.
  5. Ajwain water is given to babies who experience colic-related problems.
  6. Ajwain water for pregnant mothers as it helps treat many pregnancy-related problems.
  7. Ajwain water treats flatulence.
  8. Ajwain water removes phlegm, thus suitable for cold and cough.
  9. Carom seeds water treats ear pain that happens due to congestion.
  10. Bishop seeds water is beneficial to migraines.
  11. It helps to ease the pain caused due to arthritis problems.
  12. Carom seeds are good for treating respiratory disorders.
  13. Ajwain is used to lose weight.

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