List of Top 15 Indian Spices Health Benefits

  1. Clery Seeds (Ajwain)
  • Massage with Ajwain seed oil is useful for joint pain.
  • Mix of ajwain seed +dried ginger + black salt ease gas and indigestion.
  • Its seeds powder + black salt works well for hyperacidity.
  • Good for glowing of skin.
  • Seed powder +rock salt + butter milk is wonderful mixture for dry cough.
  • Bed wetting can be solved if it is taken with tribulus.

2. Ginger

  • Ginger juice is quite effective for earache.
  • Useful for backache and toothache.
  • Chewing of small quantity of ginger + salt enhance appetite.
  • Dried ginger hardens the stool while fresh one looses it.
  • Ginger + salt mitigate constipation and flatulence.
  • Juice in small quantity of ginger and honey is good for cold and cough.

3. LiquoriceIndian Spices and Herbs Recipes

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  • It is used in preparation of cosmetic aids that removes freckles and pimples.
  • Liquorice powder and milk is good for hyperacidity.
  • Application of its paste with milk removes pimples and blemishes.
  • Decoction of liquorice is beneficial in preventing of grey of hair.

4. Coriander

  • Application of coriander paste on the affected parts relieves from pain and swelling.
  • Stop nosebleed when its juice instilled into nose.
  • Mix of coriander +liquorice works well for cough.

5. Cardamom

  • Mix of cardamom and coconut oil promotes wound healing.
  • Application of warm sesame oil, cardamom and cinnamon ease from migraine.
  • It is used for fair complexion and bath powder.
  • Drinking of water + cardamom + cinnamon is a remedy for bad breathe.
  • Cardamom + ginger combat phlegm.
  • One may have control in ejaculation of semen if cardamom +asafetida powder is taken with ghee.

6. Castor

  • Application of its oil eases from joint swelling.
  • It acts like as cleansing agent for eyes when few drops of it put into eyes.
  • Its oil gives good hair.
  • When 2 tsp of its juice is taken with 2 tsp of sugar twice a day, is beneficial for hepatitis.

7. Cinnamon

  • Application of cinnamon paste on the head relieves from headache.
  • Massage with it is beneficial for joint swelling.
  • When soaked swab of it placed in toothache, ease the pain.
  • It is used for cosmetic preparation.
  • Penile erection gets strengthen with the massage of it.

8. Turmeric

  • Its powder is used in cuts to stop bleeding.
  • Eye wash with its powder and water is beneficial for conjunctivitis.
  • Warm mix of turmeric paste with ghee is used for inflamed joints.
  • It is one of the important ingredients for cosmetic preparation.
  • Mix of turmeric powder +milk + sugar is good for cough.
  • Turmeric powder+Jaggery + rice water works well for urinary stone.
  • ¼ tsp of its powder + warm water is beneficial in jaundice.

9. Asafoetida

  • Paste of neem leaves +asafetida is used for wound dressing.
  • Mix 1/4 tsp of it with cardamom, take it with milk and ghee, good for urinary complaints.
  • It is used in case of dental pain.
  • When it is put as a nasal drop, eases from migraine.

10. Cumin Seed

  • Give good relief from pain when its paste is applied.
  • Used for skin complexion.
  • It promotes wound healing when washed with it.
  • Eye wash with it is good for conjunctivitis.
  • Paste of turmeric, alum and cumin seeds are used in treating of piles.
  • It acts like as appetizer.
  • To abate vomiting at pregnancy, mix of it with lemon juice is preferred.

11. Sesame

  • Application of paste of sesame seeds, honey and ghee helps in wound healing and also good for piles.
  • Sesame oil massage makes the gum stronger.
  • Massage of mix of sesame and nutmeg oil is beneficial for swollen joints.
  • Mix of its oil, milk, turmeric and cumin removes blemishes from the face.
  • Apply the paste of its leaves and roots promote growth of hair.
  • Sesame oil promotes breast milk.
  • It is too beneficial for bleeding of gums and colitis.

12. Garlic

  • Application of garlic paste on the affected joints alleviates pain and swelling.
  • Application of garlic juice is useful for ringworm.
  • Nasal drop of its juice ease from headache.
  • Consumption of it reduces cholesterol.
  • Mix of garlic +ghee is good for abdominal pain.
  • Eating of fried garlic and ghee is extremely beneficial for arthritis.

13. Clove

  • Good for mouth odorants.
  • Clove oil massage is effective for backache and rheumatic joints.
  • Paste of grind cloves with water when applied to forehead relieves headache.
  • Cold can be tackled when decoction of 5 cloves is taken thrice a day.
  • Clove decoction is good for digestion.
  • Clove powder + honey is effective for bronchial asthma.

14. Black Pepper

  • Paste of black pepper and sesame oil is used for skin diseases.
  • Mix of its powder and asafetida relieves from flatulence.
  • Equal proportion of black pepper, ghee and honey alleviate cough and phlegm.
  • Nasal powder of it is beneficial for cough and asthma.
  • Application of its powder and ghee relieves pain from piles.
  • Gargle of it is good for dental pain.

15. Fenugreek

  • Application of its seeds paste relieves from painful joints.
  • Make a solution of its powder with water, use the same for hair wash in the morning, gives silky hair.
  • Its seeds are beneficial for breast milk.
  • Eat cooked fenugreek and rice is good for anaemic patients.
  • Its seeds are also useful for diabetes.
  • Application of fresh leaf paste on scalp prevents hair falling.
  • Also used for fair complexion.


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