Wonder Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Coriander (Cilantro)

Cilantro medicinal benefits

Coriander, or Dhaniya in the Indian subcontinent, is extremely useful for multiple health purposes. Cilantro is an excellent appetiser, helps in the proper secretion of enzymes and digestive juices in the stomach, stimulates digestion and peristaltic motion, and prevents flatulence. It is a good source of dietary fibre and relieves intestinal gas, which is beneficial for constipation, piles, and stomach pain. It is helpful for cough, removes bad smell from the mouth, and is an excellent antiseptic. It removes phlegm, reduces fever, and offers a feeling of coolness.


Nutritional facts of Coriander

Cilantro is packed with a bunch of health and medicinal benefits. Due to its numerous nutritional values, it is also regarded as the Wonder herb of the world. It contains phytonutrients, antioxidants, essential oils, antiseptics, analgesics, aphrodisiacs, fungicides, natural stimulants, etc. It has adequate vitamins A, C, and K, including many essential oils and acids.  The leaves contain calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, and sodium. One hundred grams of Coriandrum sativum includes the following nutrients. Carbohydrate (3.67g), protein (2.13g), fat (0.52g), fibre (2.80g), energy (23 Kcal), folates (62 µg), niacin (1.11 mg), pantothenic acid (055 mg), pyridoxine (0.14mg), riboflavin (0.16 mg), thiamin (0.067mg), vitamin A (6748 IU), vitamin C (27mg), vitamin E (2.50 mg), vitamin K (310 mcg).

Surprising Benefits of Cilantro

  • Lowers cholesterol: Dhaniya lowers the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) due to the presence of essential oils. The oils and different acids reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevent you cardiovascular disease, strokes, and heart attacks.
  • Bowel movement: Dhaniya promotes the smooth activity of the digestive system and regulates the bowel and liver movement.
  • Good for diabetes: Cilantro stimulates insulin secretion from the pancreas, thus helping regulate sugar levels in the blood.
  • Alzheimer’s disease cure: Due to a good amount of vitamin K, it is also effective in the case of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Prevents arthritis: The leaves are anti-inflammatory, which helps relieve arthritis pain. Coriander’s essential oils are suitable for anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritis properties.
  • Healthy kidney: It prevents urinary tract infections and helps in the smooth discharge of urination. It also minimises the possibility of kidney stones because of its diuretic and detoxifying properties.
  • Good for skin: Essential oils and acids are beneficial for skin inflammation like swelling caused by arthritis, anaemia, and kidney malfunctioning. The features like disinfectant, detoxifying, antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidants show positive results against eczema, dryness, and fungal infections.
  • Pimples removal: A teaspoon of coriander juice, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder, is an effective remedy for pimples, blackheads, and dry skin.
  • Gastritis treatment: When green leaves spread to overcooked vegetables, reduce the acidic nature of vegetables, thereby minimising gas formation.
  • Conjunctivitis: Freshly dried coriander is excellent in treating conjunctivitis.
  • Eye disease: Beta-carotene, phytochemicals, and antioxidants are beneficial in curing eye-related problems. Cilantro prevents macular degeneration, cataracts, and vision disorders. It is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorous, and essential oils, all of which save the eyes from stress and strain. An adequate amount of antioxidants eases redness, inflammation, and eye itchiness.
  • Mouth ulcer home remedy: Coriander contains many essential oils, including Citronelol, an antiseptic and antimicrobial. These oils and other biochemical compounds enhance the healing process of mouth ulcers. Gargling with boiled coriander water helps cure and reduce mouth ulcers’ intensity.
  • Bone strengthening: Dhaniay has an adequate amount of calcium, which is good for the overall health of bone. It is excellent for strengthening, growth, and durability of bones.  It also prevents osteoporosis.
  • Treat digestion problems: An abundance of essential oils and enzymes ensures smooth digestion and peristaltic movement. The leaves are good for liver function and bowel movement. The filtrate part of coriander seed water (after soaking for a day) effectively cures an upset stomach and prevents flatulence.
  • Menstrual problems: Coriander helps to ease menstrual cramps as it regulates the enzymes and hormones. Boil the mix of cilantro (5 gm), water (1/2 litre), and sugar (1 tsp); now, drink the extract thrice a day after straining. It is suitable for treating menstrual disorders and heavy menstrual flow.
  • Hair loss: Massage your skull with coconut oil and powdered coriander seed to prevent hair fall. It also stimulates the hair follicles.
  • Ease constipation: Coriander is rich in dietary fibre. One hundred grams of Dhaniya presents about 42 gm of fibre, ensuring proper water absorption and smooth constipation.
  • Colon cancer prevention: Flavonoids, antioxidants, and fibre facilitate colon cancer prevention.
  • Culinary Uses: Coriander leaves are used as chutney in all the servings. The chutney is full of multiple advantages. The seeds powdered are used in confectionery, stews, sausages, cakes, etc.
  • Medicinal uses: It is carminative and used for gripe water preparations. It is also good to prevent halitosis (unpleasant breath). It is also antiseptic, analgesic, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, depurative, deodorant, fungicidal, lipolytic, stimulant, and stomachic.
  • Essential oils: The essential volatile oils are borneol, linalool, cineole, cymene, terpineol, dipentene, phellandrene, and pinene.
  • Antibiotic: Coriander contains a duodenal antibiotic that kills the foodborne bacteria called salmonella.
  • Anti-cancer: Phytochemicals such as beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, ferulic, caffeic acid, kaempferol, and quercetin discourage the development of carcinogenic cells.
  • Anti-microbial: The volatile oils have anti-microbial properties and are suitable for bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections.
  • Heavy metal detox: The mix of cilantro juice and chlorella powder is used as a heavy metal detox to detoxify mercury, aluminium, and lead.
  • Immunity booster: Many phytochemicals help to develop the body’s immunity.
  • Precautions:  A person suffering from skin allergy should avoid taking coriander. It is also suggested that the pregnant mother should consume it after consulting a physician.

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