10 Wonder Benefits of Svetakutaja (Sweet Indrajao): Uses of Wrightia tinctoria

10 Wonder Benefits of Svetakutaja (Sweet Indrajao): Uses of Wrightia tinctoria

Svetakutaja (Wrightia tinctoria) is used as anthelmintic(to destroy parasitic worms), anodyne (painkiller), antipyretic ( fever), aphrodisiac(to stimulate sexual desire), astringent (skin related problems), carminative (gastric problems), depurative (removes wastes and toxins from the body). The ayurvedic herbs also help to pacify vitiated tridoshas, fever, stomach ache, skin diseases especially psoriasis and obesity, hair fall, cancer, etc.

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Career Options in Sowa-Rigpa after 12th Class for Sowa Rigpa Jobs

sowa rigpa career and jobs

Career scope in Sowa Rigpa

Sowa Rigpa is commonly known as the Tibetan system of medicine. It is one of the oldest and well documented ancient systems of medicines in the world. The origin place of Sowa rigpa in Tibet; however, it is one of the significant practices of India. Sowa rigpa is also well accepted in Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Russia. Because Sowa rigpa’s similarity with Ayurveda, sometimes, it is also known as a sister constituent of Ayurveda medicine.  In India, this system is widely practiced in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Darjeeling (West Bengal), Dharamsala, Lahaul and Spiti(Himachal Pradesh), and the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. Considering its demand, Sowa rigpa has adequate career scope in the field.

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Top 20 Ayurvedic Rasayana Medicines for Rasayana Therapy

Top 20 Ayurvedic Rasayana Medicines for Rasayana Therapy
Top 20 Ayurvedic Rasayana Medicines for Rasayana Therapy
Ayurvedic medicine

What is Rasayana-definition

The word ‘Rasayana’ is comprised of two parts. One is Rasa meaning nutrient fluid whereas ‘Ayana’ means, a way. Thus, we can define it as a way through which one gets the best quality of nutrient and vital fluid thereby makes our body healthy and strong. Rasayana affords good quality health and also cure diseases. Ayurveda Rasayana defense mechanism ensures to make the body internally powerful and provide positive health to an individual, thus does not permit the bacteria to invade.

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Arjuna: Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Heart Diseases

Arjuna is a well-known heart tonic and treated as a panacea for all the problems, diseases, and disorders of the heart. It possesses the special properties of strengthening the heart muscles thereby treats cardiovascular ailments In a nutshell, it is the Ramban for all heart problems. It is also good for asthma, hypertension, and kidney stones. Arjuna is the best known ayurvedic herb for the heart.

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Amalaki Benefits for Hair, Skin and Weight Loss

Amalaki is known as mother or nurse, is beneficial for hair, skin, and weight loss. It is good for the digestive tract, blood purification, liver detoxification and removes excess pitta from the gastrointestinal tract. It helps to strengthen the immune system.

Amazing uses of amalaki

    1. Amalaki is an excellent Rasayana (ayurvedic rejuvenation).
    2. Good for digestion and liver detoxification
    3. Beneficial for blood purification
    4. A powerful antioxidant thus reduces the activity of free radicals.
    5. It is having the richest source of vitamin C.
    6. It is good for hair and skin.
    7. Amalaki is effective for weight loss.
    8. Useful in treating cough, cold, sore throat, and respiratory tract infection.
    9. Having chemo-toxicity qualities.

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Rasayana(रसायन) for Beauty, Anti ageing and Skin Glowing

Rasayana or essence of rasa is known for rejuvenation, preservation and anti-ageing.

Uses of rasayana chiktisa

    • Known for preservation and replenishment of energy
    • It means youthfulness
    • Anti-ageing
    • Rejuvenation therapy
    • Relaxation therapy
    • Nourishes the body prevents from chronic disorders
    • Increases intellect
    • Enhanced physical strength
    • Boosts immunity
    • Repairs wear and tear of the body
    • Restores and revitalizes body functions
    • Improves mental competence
    • For skin glowing and beauty

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15 Wonder Benefits of Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry)

Ashwagandha uses

  • Imparts sexual energy like a horse
  • Has anti-aging property
  • Fatigue treatment and strength
  • Mental problems solution
  • Senile dementia treatment
  • Recovery from prolonged illness
  • Anti-impotence drug
  • Herbal Viagra
  • Over 100 herbal medicines with ashwagandha as a major ingredient
  • Depression treatment
  • Increase sperm count and sperm stronger
  • For premature ejaculation
  • For lactation
  • As a pain reliever
  • Against tuberculosis infection
  • For heart problems
  • For high blood pressure
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and gout
  • In loss of memory
  • Strengthens the male sex organ
  • In erectile dysfunction
  • For development of breast
  • In diseases of the uterus and urinary bladder
  • For low back pain

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10 Wonder Benefits of Petha (White Gourd)

Petha overview

Petha is a native of Malaysia but now, it is widely found throughout the tropics. It’s a climbing herb and fruits are cylindrical or spheroidal gourd. The young fruit is used as a vegetable and make into curries, while the ripe fruit is cut into pieces and candied.

Petha or white gourd is beneficial for insanity, epilepsy, nervous diseases, asthma, cough, diabetes, fever, vitiated conditions of Pitta dosha, etc. Its extract is also good in the treatment of peptic ulcer and gastritis.

Different names of petha

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