6 Wonder Ways to Control Pain Naturally

6 Wonder Ways to Control Pain Naturally

Unknown Natural pain management techniques

  • The massage of paste of rapeseed oil is beneficial in Vata disorders to alleviate pain.
  • The paste of bird cherry works well as a painkiller in Vata diseases. It reduces pain, swelling, and burning sensation in vitiated conditions of Pitta.
  • When the decoction of Sal tree bark is given orally, helps to minimize pain and swelling in traumatic wounds. Also read: Surprise painkillers
  • The paste prepared from the powder of fenugreek and mustard oil when applied on the pain area, is very effective in curing localized pain.
  • In case of pain due to injury or in acute burns, a mixture of honey and ghee is applied to the affected are to manage pain.
  • The fresh juice of rough chaff leaves ameliorates abdominal pain.  
  • To lessen stomach pain, the mixture of ginger powder and sugar is beneficial.
  • The paste of Indian Nightshade helps to combat pain and itching.
  • The paste of winter cherry leaves and roots is good in lessening of pain and swelling.   
  • The paste of Indian Spikenard or massage with the paste of country mallow acts as an effective pain killer.

Best Home Remedies for body pain reliever 

  • The paste tamarind leaves or flowers is very effective in body ache due to injury.
  • For preventing and reducing the symptoms of backache and body ache; the sweets of fenugreek are especially consumed during winter.
  • In case of body ache, the fresh juice of ginger should be applied on the affected area.
  • For body ache, fomentation should be given with heated seeds of ajowan, fennel, and salt.
  • For body pain, a poultice of green gram should be applied and hot infusion should be taken internally.
  • Garden mint paste should be applied locally for body ache.
  • The fresh juice of ginger should be applied on the affected area to reduce pain.
  • For body pain due to injury, sprain, or due to any other reason, hot fomentation should be given by using a hot mixture of curry leaves, turmeric, and salt.

Wonder Ayurveda medicine for joint pain

  • Apply the paste of turmeric, red sandalwood, alum, Indian Aloe pulp on the pain region; helps to treat pain in traumatic swellings.
  • When the garlic pulp is applied as a paste on swollen joints, relieves pain and swelling.
  • Castor oil medicated with red chilies is effective for local application in joint pain, body ache and sprains.
  • Cut the lemon into small pieces. Tie them in a cotton cloth. Dip this in hot gingerly oil and foment the affected joints, when bearably hot. It reduces joint pains.
  • Kantola oil is applied in swollen and painful parts, beneficial to alleviate pain and swelling. The paste Indigo leaves relieves the rheumatic pains. Cinnamon oil massage relieves the pain and swelling in joints. Poultice of onion is applied to joint pain along with mustard oil to have relief. Decoction of fennel seeds should be taken along with 5 ml. of castor oil twice daily for the relief of joint pain.

Unique Earache Herbal Treatment

  • The fresh juice of the holy basil leaves is instilled in the ears as a home remedy. It is one of the best remedies for earache.
  • For earache, a mixture of fresh juice of garden mint and honey should be instilled in the affected ear to get relief.
  • Medicated rough chaff oil is beneficial in the treatment of earache.
  • To get relief from earache, fresh juice of onion can be used in the form of eardrops.
  • In the case of earache, a bud of garlic can also be put as a home remedy to cure pain in the affected ear. Honey can also be used as eardrops to control earache.

Best Tips to Cure Headache

  • For a person suffering from a headache due to a cold, the paste made of ginger powder and water works well in curing of headache.
  • The paste of clove buds when applied on the forehead, gives relief from headaches. Inhaling of its oil in moderate quantities is also good for headaches.
  • The paste of cardamom is applied to the forehead, relieves the headache caused due to vitiated Kapha.
  • Nasal inhalation of Kankola relieves headaches, especially due to Kapha.
  • Onion paste is applied on the forehead during a very hot summer to get rid of headaches. The onion paste is also applied on feet soles to combat headaches.
  • The paste of ginger and sugar is applied on the forehead to cure headaches.

Easy ways to control dental pain

There are many natural, herbal, and home remedy treatments available to cure dental pain.

  • In case of pain due to dental caries, powder of asafoetida and clove bud should be applied. It immediately reduces pain.
  • The cardamom seed oil is beneficial in toothache due to infections.
  • Place a swab, dipped in camphor oil, to relieve the dental pin.
  • If you are experiencing severe toothache, a piece of cotton soaked in the clove oil should be kept on the affected tooth to reduce pain.
  • The chewing of fruits is also helpful in reducing dental pains and refreshes the mouth.
  • For toothache, a mixture of juice of the holy basil leaves and camphor should be applied to relieve pain.
  • In the case of dental caries, cotton soaked in honey should be kept on the affected tooth to reduce pain.

Top 12 tips to control pain

  1. These techniques are helpful for chronic pain like headaches, migraines, and pain in general. Here some tips are given on how to control pain.
  2. Massage the pain area softly in circular motion give relief to the affected area.
  3. Walking stimulates to produce ‘Endorphin’ that is the natural pain killer hormone.
  4. Soothing music, hot bath, visiting the nature lap also show a positive impact on pain.
  5. Deep Breathe concentrating your mind on the pain area may give you some ease to pain.
  6. Gently stretching your face and jaw helps to release your pain.
  7. Hot shower over the painful area and followed by gentle massage provide relief to the affected area.
  8. Sleeping may give amazing results to pain relief.
  9. Meditation helps to overcome chronic pain.
  10. Do Relaxation Yoga as it helps to reduce muscle tone and stress as it make you sleeping and reduces your anxiety.
  11. Imagine your favorite spot and scenic beauty of nature as these alleviate your pain.
  12. Skin stimulation through pressure, friction, temperature change, or chemical substances, etc. may relieve pain to some extent.

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