11 Core Principles of Naturopathy Medicine Everyone Should Know

11 Core Principles of Naturopathy

  1. All diseases, their cause and their treatment are one. All forms of the disease are due to a single reason, i.e. accumulation of waste (morbid) materials and bodily refuse in the system. The only way to cure the disorders is to employ methods enabling the system to throw off these toxic accumulations.
  2. The primary cause of the disease is not bacteria. The primary reason is morbid matter and not bacteria. Bacteria develop after accumulating morbid matter, which provides a favourable atmosphere for their growth. If one practices righteous living, no bacteria can cause any disease.
  3. Acute diseases are our friends, not our enemies. All acute diseases such as fever, cold, inflammation, digestive disturbances and skin eruptions are nothing more than self-initiated efforts on the part of the body to throw off the accumulated waste materials. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, rheumatism, asthma, kidney disorders, etc., result from unfair treatment and suppression of acute diseases.
  4. Nature is the greatest healer. The body can prevent itself from diseases & regain health. The role of a Naturopath is to help the body recover and fully develop its natural healing capacity
  5. In Naturopathy, the patient is treated and not the disease. The successful treatment of a patient depends on five factors: (i) How much morbid matter is there in the patient’s body? (ii) How much is the vital life force of the patient? (iii) How much patience does the patient have? (iv) How robust is the medication/operation the patient has gone through? (v) How much belief does the patient have in Naturopathy treatment?
  6. In Naturopathy, diagnosis is easily possible. A long wait for diagnosis is optional. The only thing needed for diagnosis is Morbid matter accumulated in which location (front, back, side, whole body) or organ (heart, kidney, liver, stomach, intestine, etc.) of the body.
  7. Chronic ailments can be treated successfully; this treatment can take slightly longer. Nature’s Law – Nature works at a slow pace. Growing a tree takes much longer than cutting it. Chronic ailments can be treated successfully; this treatment can take slightly longer.  The toxicity generated by medications also accompanies chronic conditions. Naturopathy treatment must remove this toxicity to cure the disease entirely. In Naturopathy, the cure doesn’t only mean removing the infection. Holistic medicine also includes becoming healthy, strong, and full of life.
  8. Suppressed diseases emerge again during Naturopathy and are cured forever. This is called a Healing Crisis or Curative Crisis. The conditions occur and are fixed in the reverse order of past occurrences.  The period for this phase is 2-7 days. Every emergence should be considered a milestone for holistic health.
  9. Nature Cure treats the body as a whole instead of treating each organ separately.
  10. Naturopathy does not use medicines. According to Naturopathy, “Food is Medicine.
  11. According to Gandhi Ji, “Rama Nama is the best Natural Treatment”. Doing prayer according to one’s spiritual faith is integral to treatment.
11 Core Principles of Naturopathy Medicine Everyone Should Know
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Definition of nature cure

Nature cure is a constructive method of treatment that aims to remove the primary cause of disease through the rational use of the elements freely available in nature.

Four foundational elements of healthy natural life

  • (Aachaar) – Right Conduct
  • (Vichaar) – Right Thinking
  • (Aahaar) – Right Food Habits
  • (Vihaar) – Right Daily Routine

Nature cure beliefs

  • Nature Cure believes that all diseases arise due to the accumulation of morbid matter in the body. If the scope is given for its removal, it provides a cure or relief.
  • Nature Cure also believes the human body possesses inherent self-constructing and self-healing powers.

Basic concepts of nature cure

  • Accumulation of morbid (waste & toxic) matter
  • Abnormal composition of blood & lymph
  • Lowered vitality

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