Top 10 Surprising Natural Painkillers: Ways To Relieve Pain Alternatively

Natural ways to relieve pain

There is a significant perception among the people that for any pain, our first impulse is to bring a pill. But taking the medication on a chronic basis may also invite the risk of side effects, drug interactions, inflammations, addiction, and other health issues. In such a scenario, the trying of alternative mode is one of the apt strategies to be followed. There are many natural painkillers which help to relieve pain naturally. These herbal remedies for natural pain relief are without side effects or health issues.

Top 10 Surprising Natural Painkillers: Ways To Relieve Pain Alternatively
Natural Painkiller

Best ten surprising natural painkillers

  1. Turmeric as a painkiller: Turmeric is known for its multi-purpose medicinal uses and health benefits. Turmeric is not only a popular spice in the kitchen but also has great significance as a painkiller. If somebody is suffering from bleeding and having acute pain, it is recommended to take a mix of turmeric jaggery. Turmeric also acts as a painkiller and dissolves the clotted blood. It may be taken with vegetables, or people also take it with milk.
  2. Cloves: Cloves help mitigate the problems of stomach and peptic ulcer pain as this helps to release mucous, which prevents the stomach lining from digestive acids. Cloves are highly beneficial if somebody has toothache pain. Using cloves rinse is effective in fighting against plaque, gingivitis, and other dental care and health and is also helpful in minimising inflammation.
  3. Kalonji (Black seeds): The mix of vinegar (1 tbsp), Kalonji oil (½ tbsp), and honey (2 tbsp), when used twice a day, is helpful for joint pain and arthritis. The mix of vinegar (1 tbsp) and Kalonji oil (½ tbsp), when applied on the affected area for two or three minutes and rinse the mouth, helps to relieve tooth pain and swelling of gums. The mix of sweet lime (1glass), honey (1 tbsp), and kalonji oil (½ tbsp), if taken twice a day, helps to ease stomach pain.
  4. Tamarind: When the mix of pulp, leaves, and flowers is applied over swollen and painful joints, it provides instant relief. Tamarind leaves crushed in water are used to treat inflamed parts, too.
  5. Curry leaves: The paste of curry leaves, turmeric, and clarified butter may be applied when one feels a burning sensation in the limbs. For body pain, hot fomentation of curry leaves, turmeric, and salt is advisable. The paste of curry leaves is applied locally for skin disorders such as ringworm.
  6. Holy Basil (Tulsi): This pious plant has many medicinal applications. Tulsi plant and its various parts are used in case of insect bites, fever, cardiac diseases, gynaecological disorders, respiratory problems, skin disorders, etc. It is an effective painkiller. Tulsi juice prevents the formation of calcium oxalate in the kidney and has a painkiller effect as it reduces the impact of pain caused by stones in the kidney.
  7. Rapeseed oil & Bird cherry: The massage of the paste of rapeseed oil is beneficial in Vata disorders to alleviate pain. The paste of bird cherry works well as a painkiller in Vata diseases. It reduces pain, swelling, and burning sensation in vitiated conditions of Pitta.
  8. Fenugreek seeds: The paste prepared from the powder of fenugreek and mustard oil, when applied to the pain area, is very effective in curing localised pain. For preventing and reducing the symptoms of backache and body aches, the sweets of fenugreek are especially consumed during winter.
  9. Ginger for pain management: Ginger and ginger juice are instrumental in the direction of pain and relieving pain from different parts of the body. Ginger is used as a painkiller for toothache. Apply ginger juice to the area of tooth pain. Ginger juice is also applied on the forehead to reduce headaches.  For rheumatoid arthritis patients, chewing ginger is very useful in relieving pain and inflammation.  A published study in the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine showed that ginger is as effective as ibuprofen.
  10. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a whole of health and medicinal benefits and has been used since ancient times. Its home remedy is of greater significance and is used in treating multiple health conditions, such as loss of appetite and indigestion, including dental pain and joint pain. Cinnamon oil is effective in tooth pain. For this, soak the cotton swab in cinnamon oil and place it in the dental cavities. It not only reduces, in fact minimises, the infections too. Chewing of Dalchini is also suitable for strengthening the teeth, refreshing the mouth, and overcoming bad breath. On the other hand, the regular massage of cinnamon oil relieves the pain and swelling in joints.

Top 10 pain relief medicines

  1. Hydrocodone-combination (Vicodin)
  2.  Oxycodone with acetaminophen
  3. Oxycodone HCL (generic OxyContin)
  4. Acetaminophen with codeine
  5. Morphine sulfate
  6. Fentanyl
  7. OxyContin
  8. Methadone
  9. Hydromorphone HCL (generic Dilaudid)
  10. Oxymorphone HCL

Side effects of modern medicine

  • There might be the appearance of rashes.
  • A high amount of Paracetamol can damage the liver.
  • Excess of Acetaminophen can cause liver issues.
  • Ibuprofen can cause stomach and kidney problems.
  • Naproxen also can disorder the stomach.

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