List of All 18 Tamil Siddhar Yogis and their Contributions

Siddhar contributions

Siddhars are known for some hidden powers that led to them attaining a ‘God-like’ state. They used such powers to control time and space, body transformation, and achieve immortality. These siddhars yogis contributed a lot to the betterment and welfare of society. Their approach was holistic and believed in “Food is Medicine, Medicine is Food”. They had also said, “The sound mind makes the sound body”. Siddha medicine reached its zenith during Tamil siddhars. All 18 South Indian Siddhars gave the ancient Siddha medicine system a solid platform. Their contributions are well known in Vaithiyam, Vatham Jothidam, Manthirigam, Yogam, and Gnanam.

18 Siddhars of South India

  1. Agathiyar-father of Tamil literature

  • Agathiyar is the most renowned Siddhar in the history of Tamil.
  • He was the father of Tamil literature.
  • The compiling of the first Tamil grammar Agathiym went to him.
  • He had mastery over language, medicine, alchemy, and spirituality.
  • He authored as many as 96 books, and some of his famous books are Vaidiya Sigamani, Chendhooram-300, Mani-400, Sivajalam, and Sakthijalam.
  • It is considered that he was the direct disciple of Lord Siva.

2. Thirumoolar-the Prince of Mystics

  • Thirumoolar is known as the prince of mystics.
  • Nandhidevar was his Guru.
  • The compiling of the magnum opus ‘Thirumanthiram’ went to him, which deals with body and soul.
  • The book ‘Thirumanthiram’ is regarded as the Bible of Tantrik Yoga.
  • His famous literary works are ‘Thirumanthiram’ and Saiva ‘Siddhantham’, which greatly contributed to the Siddha system of medicine.
  • He was the great philosopher of atomic theory or nanotechnology.
  • His physiological principles are of great importance.
  • He gave much more thrust upon ‘sound mind in a sound body’.

3. Bogar-the propagator of spirituality

  • He spread the message of spirituality and propagated the same in China.
  • He is known for his contributions to alchemy, medicine, and yoga.
  • His works for the synthesis of mercury and arsenic compounds were praiseworthy.
  • He authored more than 42 books on Siddha medicine.
  • The statue of Lord Muruga, which he created, contains Nava Pasana (nine arsenic compounds).

4. Konganar- the son of Bogar

  • Konganar is the son of Bogar.
  • He is credited with more than 40 books based upon alchemy and elixir.
  • He had also expertise in philosophy, medicine, and spirituality.
  • Kongunado is his birthplace.

5. Therayar-master of astrology

  • He had mastery over astrology, mysticism, alchemy, medicine, and language.
  • His scholarly aptitude and command over language were exceptional.
  • He commanded many languages, such as Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Sanskrit.
  • His works on diseases and disorders are praiseworthy.
  • He was the disciple of Dharmasowmiyar.

6. Korakkar

  • Korakkar’s works are Korakkar Brahma Gnanam 1, Korakkar brahma gnana soothiram and Korakkar karpa choothiram.
  • Korakkar mooli used by him in the preparations of poorna lehyam.

7. Karuvurar

  • The masterpiece of Karuvurar is Karuvurar vadha kaviyam, Karuvurar sive gnana bodhakam and Thiruisaippa.
  • Karuvurar had made significant contributions to the construction of Tanjore Temple.
  • Owing to this, a unique shrine has been made in the Tanjore temple.

8. Edaikkadar

  • His significant contributions are Rasavatham and Kayakarpam

9. Chattamuni

  • Chattamuni is known for his contributions to alchemy and 96 thathuvas.
  • Sattamuni pini gnanam 100, Sattamuni vadha kaviyam 1000, Sattamuni vatha soothiram 200, Sattamuni gnana vailakkam 51 are his prominent masterpiece works.

10. Sundaranar

  • Sundaranar is known for his contributions in Sundaranar siva gnana yogam 32 and Sundaranar vakkya sutram 64.
  • He surprised everyone by making chunnam.

11. Ramadevar

  • Ramadevar’s primary work is Ramadevar1000.
  • He was the disciple of Pulathiyar.
  • He has made significant contributions to the development of Kayakalpa.

12. Pambatti

  • Attama siddhis (eight unique powers) of siddhars are enumerated in his works.
  • His significant contributions are gnana siddhi; having Aadu pambe means dancing snake.

13. Machamuni

  • His significant contribution is Machendhra Nadhar Endra Nondi Siddhar Padal

14. Kudambai

  • He is known for his works on spiritual bliss and jnana yoga.
  • His significant contribution is Kudambai siddhar padalgal.

15. Azhuganni Siddhar

  •  His major work is Siddhar gnanakovai.

16. Agapai siddhar

  •  His primary work is Gnana siddhi
  • His place of Samadhi is considered to be Thiruvalankadu.
  • He was the disciple of Korakkar.

17. Nandhidevar

  • He is considered as the direct disciple of Lord Siva.
  • His major contribution is Nandhi kalai gnanam 1000.
  • He is regarded as the guru of gurus.

 18. Kakapusundar

  •  He was the disciple of Agathiyar.
  • His major contributions are Pusundar mei gnana vilakkam-80, and pusundar gnanam-19.

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