Hair Loss Prevention by Unani Medicine of Hamdard

The very motto of Unani is that diseases and conditions are a natural process. The body has self-preservative powder which can contend disorders happen inside the body. Unani medicines have a complete solution for hair loss. Unani medicine believes in the Promotion of health, prevention of diseases and the system strongly believes in nature and its healing properties.

List of Unani Medicine for hair fall

Unani for hair loss – Roghan Zarareeh

Roghan Zarareeh is an effective herbal medicine for hair loss. Roghan Zarareeh is useful in the curing of alopecia. It strengthens the hair follicles thus help in the prevention of hair fall. Roghan Zarareeh comprises centipede minima, pheretima species, and ovi testa.  It is helpful in growing hair on the affected region of the scalp. Roghan Zarareeh has no side effects and contradictions. As far as its application and dosage are concerned, it should be applied to the affected region of the scalp daily.

Unani for hair fall treatment – Zulamla

Zulamla is a highly effective Unani medicine in treating hair fall, made from Amla, Shikakai, and mustard along with other medicinal herbs. The Unani medicine Zulama is beneficial not only for the growth of hair yet also effective in maintaining the original luster of hair. The medicine has multiple hair advantages such as the prevention of hair loss and dryness of the scalp as well as premature graying of hair. Zulama is also helpful in getting rid of pesky white flakes. Now, the question is raised that how to use Zulama? Soak 2½ teaspoonful of Zulamla in a cup of water for two hours. Massage your scalp with this ingredient. Leave this for five minutes followed by washing with clean water. It is suggested that one should use Zulama as natural tips to prevent hair loss thrice a week

Unani for hair loss prevention- Roghan Amla Khas

Roghan Amla Khas is very useful for hair loss prevention and strengthening of hair follicles and hair roots. Hamdard Roghan Amla Khas is used in the treatment of dandruff. Massaging the scalp with this oil is helpful in refreshing the brain and helps in promoting hair growth. The regular use of this oil is effective in the hair color as well as also improves hair luster. The Roghan Amla Khas hair oil has many important ingredients such as Balchhar, Zaranbad, Amla Sabz, Bhangra Sabz, Roghan Kunjad, Mehndi Sabz.

Best oil of Unani for hair- Benazir hair oil

To control hair fall and to stop hair loss naturally, one should use Hamdard’s Benazir hair oil. It is one of the few oils which say goodbye to hair loss. Benazir hair oil stops the thinning of hair and helps in growth and re-growth. It strengthens the hair follicles and nourishes the roots. The oil is helpful in conditioning thus a good natural tip to prevent hair loss. This Unani herbal oil has the power to maintain the original color of hair. Massaging helps you to cool down and ease a headache. For better results, it is suggested that it should be applied regularly as hair oil. Benazir hair oil has ingredients like Roghan, amla, mazoophal, halela siyah, and coconut oil. It has no side effects.

Unani to stop greying hair: Roghan Baiza Murg

The application of Roghan Baiza Murg over the scalp is good in the growth and re-growth of hair naturally. Its massage is effective in the growth of hair on restricted patches. The regular use of this herbal oil is good for alopecia areata. Roghan Baiza Murg is good to stop premature graying of hair.

Hamdard hair oil for soft hair

Hamdard hair oil is good to make the hair soft and lustrous. It is one of the few oils that can be used for all seasons. Hamdard hair oil makes the hair shiny and silky. It has no side effects. As far as its use is concerned, it is better to massage the scalp before going to bed and wash your head with fresh water in the morning.

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  1. my hair are turning white so i am seeing any unani medicine for protection of whiting of hair so plz help me and recomand any effective madicine, thanks

  2. I’m 21 year male and don’t have facial hair.
    Is there any remedy for this problem using ROGHAN BAIZA MURGH. plz help me

  3. I m 26 year. So much hair falling . pls tell me unani medicine also for regrowth hair. And eyebrows also please suggest me good medicine…

  4. Sir/madam
    I’m a student n have good long hair but now a days I have more hair fall plz suggest any home remedies n any good hair oil which does not have any smell ( perfumes)

    • Rogan baiza murgh 40 ml mix with baidyanath mahabringraj oil 100 ml and one bottle of benazir oil mix all three oils shake well before every use aplly thrice a week wash your hair in the morning with zulfi shampoo guaranteed results

  5. Hello, how much dose to apply for hamdard roghan zarareeh ? I have a medium patch of hair loss at backside of hair. Please help me with the doubt. How many days do I need to apply?

  6. Can you please tell how to mix these 6 things and in what ratio to get maximum benefit? I am 24 years old and suffering from baldness.please help


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