How Homemade Face Packs Help in Glowing Skin and Beauty

Beauty tips for glowing skin

Beauty and massage are interlinked with each other. Massages like face massage, head and hair massage, eye massage, ear massage, nose care, foot massage, and nail massage-nail care are significant therapies for beauty, glowing skin, and good facial appearance.


What is facial massage?

Beauty is one of the vital aspects of human beings, especially women. All types of creatures of God cherish beauty. It gives a sense of satisfaction. Facial massage is one of the prominent Ayurveda therapies responsible for a fair and glowing facial complexion and appearance. Facial massage encompasses cleansing, oil massage, herbal steam or compress, gentle scrub, cleansing or nitrifying mask, facial pack, toning/rejuvenating, moisturising, and hydrating.

How Homemade Face Packs Help in Glowing Skin and Beauty
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How Ubtans helps in face cleansing?

Cleansing makes the skin fresh by removing dirt, sweat, waste product, and bacteria. Ubtans, or skin brightening, an ayurvedic herbal powder, cleanse and smooths the skin, bringing a glow to the complexion. Ubtans are made by mixing the ingredients such as coriander powder, nutmeg, tulsi and sandalwood is used for this. This a good cleanser for facial massage. People sometimes consider it as magic ubtans for an instant glow.  Face Ubtans made of Besan, Yoghurt, milk,  neem, and Charoli are used in case of tanned and dull skin to make it perfect. 


Ubtans benefits for face care beauty

  • Ubtans help to cleanse and exfoliate.
  • It removes skin impurities and sheds off dead skin cells. 
  • It’s an age-old remedy for pre-bridal facials. 


Facial steam for a clear complexion

Herbal steam, known for warmth, moisture, and fragrance, eases muscle tension and relieves stress and strain. Herbal steam stimulates the skin’s pores and glands, helping remove dead cells, waste products and toxins from its surface. However, one should know how to steam one’s face at home. One should wash before cooking.  It also has disadvantages; therefore, it shouldn’t be practised daily.  It is better to do steaming at night so that the skin gets adequate time for relaxation.


Benefits of facial steam

  • It helps in skin extraction.
  • It cleanses and nourishes the skin.
  • It helps open the skin pores, enhancing blood and air circulation.
  • It loosens the deposited waste dirt in the skin pores.


Benefits of face scrubs

Using cotton, the scrub is performed gently, stimulating circulation and giving a fair skin complexion.


Wonder benefits of face mask

This type of massage removes waste even from the deeper layer of skin. Skin healing and rejuvenation are its features. It cures pimples, acne and blackheads and nourishes the skin by providing vitamins and minerals. It is prepared by mixing Aloe vera juice, lemon and clay. Now, use the liquid mix of these ingredients on your face, leave it for some time, and wash it with water.

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Benefits of face packs

Face packs enhance circulation and clean the skin. Orange, cucumber, and fresh fruit juice make face packs.


Benefits of face toners

Toner is one of the essential forms of facial massage and is extremely helpful in removing residues from the skin. Rosewater or Tulsi water is used as Toner massage.


Best benefits of homemade face moisturisers

Mixing Aloe Vera, glycerin, butter, and ghee prepares moisturisers. It protects the skin from dry and humid weather. It also acts as a barrier to bacterial invasion.
Benefits of Facial Massage

  • Cleanses and nourishes the facial tissues, thus helping in glowing skin.
  • Toned, suppleness, and elasticity are its features.
  • Helpful in removing facial stress, strain, and tension.
  • It cures blackheads, pimples, and acne.


How to do a head massage?

The Head is the central nervous system region, and the critical structures and organs like the cerebrum, cerebellum, midbrain, pons, pituitary glands, etc., are located here. So, massage of the head should be done very carefully. Head massage helps cure headaches, preventing hair fall, greying of hair, and baldness. It makes the hair long and glossy, giving a person sound and peaceful sleep. Head massage can be done with coconut or other herbal oil. Home remedies to cure headache


What is the best technique for doing an eye massage?

The eye is the organ of fascination. Massage of eyes with medicated oil gives beauty to it. Eye massage is helpful in visual power, ptosis of the eyelid, paresis of the eye muscles, squint due to muscular palsy etc. Eye massage is also beneficial for computer personnel who face bright exposure to light like TV.


How to do ear massage?

Massage to the pina of the ear helps treat ear diseases. Pouring oil in the ears improves ear functions and eases earache, deafness, tinnitus, and wax in the ear. Ear massage removes dust and germs from the internal ear. It stimulates the brain and reduces stiffness in the chin and neck.


Benefits of nose massage

Nose massage is good for sound sleep. Many eye, ear, neck, head, and throat diseases can be treated with a nose massage.


Benefits of foot massage

Develops stamina to stand for long periods. Foot massage is good for treating cracks in soles and varicose veins. It helps to sleep correctly. Foot massage is also helpful for diseases of the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, intestines, etc.


How does a nail message aids beauty?

Healthy nails are one of the essential components of beauty. Healthy nails are generally pinkish and evenly shaped. White spots on nails show calcium and zinc deficiency, brittle nails mean low in low iron; yellowish nails indicate a liver imbalance, while pale nails show poor blood circulation.

Diets, especially fruits and green vegetables, are rich in sulfur, iron, calcium, vitamins E & D, etc.; all these are important to play a pivotal role in beautifying nails. Gentle brushing should be done to clean nails and fingers. Applying herbal pastes containing Triphala, Karanj, and neem with aloe vera gel is recommended for nails.

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