The Best Health Benefits of Sprouts and Sprouting

20 Medicinal uses of sprouts

  1. Sprouted cereals, the elixir of life, and panacea for all ailments have been in vogue since ancient times. Wherever Rama wandered in the forest, he was presented with raw sprouts.
  2. When cereals are taken in a sprouted state, these become more digestible assimilable in lesser time and new food factors spring up.
  3. The following percentage of increase from dry to sprouted seed of wheat: Niacin (68), Thiamin B-1 (30), Riboflavin (325), Pantothenic acid (67), Pyridoxine (80), Biotin (120), Folic Acid (300), Choline (600) and Ascorbic Acid (30).
  4. Sprouted seeds stop bleeding.

  5. Each cell of the body gets rejuvenated when Amla water is used for sprouting
  6. Sprouts are medicine because of its immense therapeutic value in the domains of immunity, blood purification, enriched nutritional content, mind development, etc.
  7. Sprouts are miracle food as these are abundant in protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.
  8. Sprouts are a few of the effective foods that are helpful in maintaining a balance between acidity and alkalinity.
  9. A person who is suffering from acidity should take sprouts regularly. It not only counters acidity, yet it helps to eradicate acidity completely.
  10. Sprouts are helpful in weight loss and obesity prevention due to the presence of abundant fiber. Eating sprouts before lunch or dinner fulfill the desire of hungriness and also give an experience of filling the stomach, which compels the person of taking comparatively lesser amounts of food.
  11. Sprouts like brussel and alfalfa are loaded with vitamin E, A, B2, B5 & K, iron, potassium, folic acid, and zinc, along with a heavy percentage of protein. All these constituents are helpful in hair growth, strengthening of hair, and prevent hair loss.
  12. Sprouts contend free radicals because of antioxidants thereby helpful in the prevention and management of many diseases.
  13. Sprouts are the miracle as well as the superfoods because starch converts into simpler carbohydrates such as glucose, fructose, and maltose, which is good for digestion.
  14. Sprouts are rejuvenating foods as these enhance vigor, vitality, and help to manage Diabetes and Arthritis (fenugreek).
  15. When the wheat sprout grows into a plant of 5-6 cms long, its juice drunk or used in several other ways, cures deadly disease, even cancer.
  16. The Khasas of the Himalayas, the inhabitants of northern Laos, and Greece sowed seeds every Monday in a corner of their house and drank the juice of the grass next Monday. This is called Somras, the cure for diseases, disorders, and ailments.
  17. The Kabul inhabitants, people of Peshawar, and western Punjab don’t crush their pulses instead they take the same in sprouted form, which gives them vigorous health.
  18. The seeds of alfalfa are a miracle food as they are having life-giving nutrients.
  19. The sprouted alfalfa contains important vitamins like D, E, K, and J. It is also the store-house of iron, calcium, and phosphorous, which are especially beneficial for the growth and safety of teeth and brain.
  20. 10-20 grams of sprouted alfalfa should be taken 2-3 times a day at regular intervals, acts like a panacea for blood pressure neurasthenia.

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