List of Top 15 Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast

How do you gain weight naturally?

Many persons are anxious about weight loss and weight reduction. Some people are wondering how to gain weight or put on weight. One of my colleagues was worried a lot about how to gain weight. I suggested he follow natural and healthy foods to gain weight fast. Surprisingly, he put on weight safely and quickly per her height and body requirements by following the Indian diet plans and chart. Here is a list of diets that are helpful to gain weight naturally and safely.banana-for-weight-gain

15 best foods to gain weight

Several people start following unhealthy habits to put on weight, which may lead to severe consequences. There are better steps than taking artificial supplements and capsules for gaining weight. Gaining weight is simple and easy. Could you tell us the best 15 diets to gain weight without side effects?

  1. Barley for weight gain: Soak barley in water for 10-12 hours. Now, could you spread it to make it dry? Grind it properly. Make Kheer by adding milk and sugar to it. Take it regularly in the morning, and you will feel the changes within a few weeks in your body.
  2. Banana shake for weight gain: Banana is an important fruit that is extremely helpful in weight gain. Could you make a habit of eating bananas regularly? Drinking banana shakes periodically is helpful for weight gain. Banana shake for weight gain is famous among people who are feeble, weak, and thin.  Eating two or more bananas daily, followed by 200 ml. of hot milk for three months, leads you to gain weight.
  3. Pomegranate for weight gain: Pomegranate and its juices help raise blood levels and strengthen the body because of essential nutrients, powerful biochemical substances, and anti-inflammatory agents.
  4. Weight gain by Coconut:  Eating coconut or coconut oil helps a person to gain weight because it contains beneficial fatty acids, makes you healthy, kills the germs inside the body, and raises your cholesterol level.
  5. Dried dates for weight gain: For weight gain purposes, dates have been used since ancient times. Dried dates with milk are beneficial to put on weight. Dates are a good protein, sugar, energy, and vitamin source. It makes blood, provides strength, and
  6. Peas for weight gain: Fresh and natural peas increase blood and muscle, strengthening the body.
  7. Mango for weight gain: Mango plays a vital role in increasing your body and weight. Eating mango throughout the year is unnecessary, yet eating the fruit only in mango season enables you to put on weight. Mango contains an adequate amount of carbohydrates, sugar, and proteins, all of which help to increase your body mass.
  8. Peanuts for body weight: Peanuts are a good source of fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Eating a few peanuts daily helps in gaining weight.
  9. Black grams for weight gain: If you want to increase your muscles, eat black grams as muscle food. Eating black gram daal with husk increases the power of the body.
  10. Clarified butter for weight gain: Clarified butter is a good source of carbohydrates, fatty acids, proteins, and other nutrients. Eating clarified butter with sugar helps one gain weight and build muscle.
  11. Carrots juice for weight gain: Carrots juice is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and other phytochemicals. The regular use of carrot juice enables one to gain
  12. Almonds for body weight gain: Soak seven almonds in water overnight. Peel them in the morning and grind them into a paste. Mix 30 gms. of butter with it and add sugar to taste. Spread it on bread and eat it. Follow it with 250 ml. of milk. Continue with this treatment for six months. It will not only enable you to gain weight but will also sharpen your intellect.
  13. Honey for body weight: If you want to increase your weight naturally and safely, regular honey with milk can increase your muscle mass and bodybuilding.
  14. Water and natural drinks for weight: Take more and more water as it helps to flux the toxins from the body and enables your body systems to work smoothly and efficiently. Slimmer persons should take plenty of water and
    water-based drinks. Put fresh water in the sun for four hours. Use
    this water to bathe children daily at a fixed time. It will strengthen
    their body.
  15. Massage for weight gain: Massage is not the aspect of food; regular massaging of the body with oil makes a weak body strong by developing your muscles. Therefore, it is recommended that regular massage of newborn babies.

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  1. Real food is the way to go. You achieve your weight goal even if you won’t depend on supplements. I always use almond flour in making cookies.

  2. Thank you for this amazing list of weight gain foods, Team!
    Banana shakes and dried fruits have always been my go to foods for weight gain. Liquid calories are indeed great to put on weight and not feel full all the time.


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