7 Wonder Health Benefits of Wind Relieving Pose

What is wind relieving pose in yoga?

Wind Relieving Pose is one of the important yoga poses, known for numerous health benefits. If somebody is experiencing heavy stomach or pain in the abdominal region or somewhere else in the body due to gaseous problems, the practice of this yoga pose acts like as a panacea in such cases. Not only this, Pawanmuktasana can play an important role in removing the trapped gases, flatulence and harmful toxins from the body. Thus, if the gas relieving pose is being done with correct technique and instructions, helps to prevent one from many diseases and complications.

7 Wonder Health Benefits of Wind Relieving Pose
Wind Relieving Pose

Why Wind Relieving Pose should performed through the right leg first?

  • After digestion in the small intestine, the waste matter moves to the large intestine (colon).
  • The large intestine is about five feet in length and rises upwards on the right side of the body, crosses horizontally in the region of the navel and then goes downwards on the left side of the body.
  • It terminates in the anus.
  • Thus, it is recommended that it should first performed with the right leg so that the waste matter can move in the proper direction and release through the left colon part.

How to breath while performing wind relieving pose?

  • Exhale, while coming to the final position.
  • Hold the breath while maintaining the pose.
  • Inhale, and come to the original position.
  • Breathing should be deep and synchronised.
  • Its benefits increased many times if one holds the breath while in the raised position.

How to do wind relieving pose step by step?

Stage 1

  • Bend the right leg and bring it as near as possible to the chest.
  • The left leg should be straight and stretched.
  • Place the hands over the knee and interlock the fingers.
  • Try to bring the knee nearer the chest.
  • Breathe out while raising the head.
  • Now, try to touch your nose with your knee.
  • Hold your breath as long as you are in the final stage.
  • Exhale slowly and bring your head and shoulders on the floor.
  • Do 2-3 rounds.

Stage 2

  • Bend the left leg towards the chest.
  • Rest of the procedure will be remain same as mentioned in the stage 1.
  • Do 2-3 rounds.

Stage 3

  • Now, fold both the legs to the chest.
  • Repeat the same instructions as mentioned above.
  • Do 2-3 rounds.

8 Interesting facts about wind relieving pose

  1. The pose should first performed by using the right leg followed by left one.
  2. Wind relieving pose is the single yoga posture that can be practiced even before clearing the bowel.
  3. It is the best yoga pose to give massage to the abdominal organs.
  4. It is also known as Pawanmuktasana wherein Pawan means ‘air or gas’, Mukta means ‘release’ and asana shows yoga posture.
  5. Even the most unhealthy person can do this asana.
  6. It is pronounced as puh–vuhn-mukt-aahs-uh-nuh.
  7. It is known by different names like wind relieving pose, wind liberating pose, wind removing pose, One-Legged Knee-to-Chest Pose.
  8. This yoga pose can be done at any time except after meal.

7 benefits of wind relieving pose

  1. Remove trapped gases from the stomach: This yoga pose works wonder for those who are complaining about stomach pain. Generally, it causes due to the formation of excessive gas in the stomach. However, after the practice session, one feel light as maximum gas released during the session itself. To release gas, one should start practicing Pawanmuktasana through right leg first.
  2. Belly fat: It is the wonderful yoga pose to shed excessive belly fat. The practice of this yoga exerts suitable pressure, stretching, and compression on the abdominal region thereby helps in melting of belly fat and fatty layer of this body part. The stomach seems bulge due to formation of excessive gases. After the yoga session, to a larger extent, the stomach seems little bit flat. Also Read: Best yoga for belly fat burning
  3. Enhances efficiency of abdominal organs: It gives suitable massage to the abdominal organs, enhances blood circulation and also stimulates the muscles and nerves of these regions and organs thus prevents from many diseases and conditions.
  4. Weight loss: It can also be practiced for weight loss purposes. The practice of the pose helps to enhance the digestion process thus prevents indigestion. Not only this, the suitable stretching and twisting also aids in weight loss and its management.
  5. For healthy ovary and Testes: It suitably massages the reproductive organs. It also stirs its activity and can be helpful in prevention of sterility and impotence.
  6. Remove flatulence: This is particularly useful in removing of flatulence and constipation.
  7. Make your spine healthy: It helps to make the spine healthy and also strengthens the back.

Wind relieving pose contraindications

Pawanmuktasana shouldn’t be practiced under the following conditions.

  • Abdominal surgery
  • Neck pain
  • Pregnancy
  • Hernia
  • Piles
  • Menstruation
  • Hyper-acidity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Slipped disc

Preparatory pose

  • Bridge Pose
  • Raised leg pose
  • Half Plough pose
  • Supta Pawanmuktasana

Follow up pose

  • The Locust pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • Bow Pose
  • Fish pose
  • Wheel pose

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