22 Wonder Foods for Healthy, Good and Glowing Skin

Food for glowing skin

Why depend upon chemical cosmetics? Try natural foods, fruits, and vegetables to make your skin glow and healthy by preventing wrinkles, pimples, acne, and black spots. Foods contain powerful bio-chemical ingredients (antioxidants) that smooth and supple your skin against free radicals. To make skin glow and radiant, one can eat certain foods, says Jessica Wu, MD, a Los Angeles dermatologist and author of ‘Feed Your Face’. These selected foods help to look younger and gorgeous with a fair complexion. Eating healthy cum natural foods means you are making your internal body mechanism stronger; the same things reflect in the outer part of your body.Skin healthy foods

8 Wonder foods for good skin

  1. Supple skin with Chocolate: Chocolate makes your skin supple and smooth because of cocoa hydration. Chocolate contains flavonol, a powerful antioxidant that helps ward off free radicals, thus preventing skin problems such as wrinkles, pimples, acne, etc. It prevents your skin from roughness and scaliness, too.
  2. Glow skin with Yogurt: Yogurt is a beauty promoter because of its protein content. Especially Greek yoghurt is an excellent food to make your skin smooth and healthy.
  3. Radiant skin with Soy: Soy is rich in minerals and proteins that help to protect your skin from hyperpigmentation.
  4. Heals your skin with oatmeal: Oatmeal is rich in vitamins and takes a long time for assimilation, thus maintaining blood sugar levels. A high amount of blood sugar stimulates the levels of androgen that prompt the sebaceous gland to secrete oil that may trap into skin pores, ultimately contributing to wrinkles and pimples.
  5. Reduce redness with Green Tea: Green tea is rich in antioxidants that fight redness and inflammation. When lemon juice is mixed into it, its fighting capacity increases manifolds and provides maximum benefits to the body. Green tea is good for skin cancer. The presence of tannins helps to reduce skin puffiness.
  6. Reduce skin inflammation with Sardines: Sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is one of the best sources of beneficial fatty acids that help fight skin inflammation. They lower triglycerides and protect your collagen, thus making your skin firm. The fishes which are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids are Salmon, Tuna, Lake trout, Anchovies, Mackerel, and Atlantic sturgeon.
  7. Remove skin toxins with Water: Water helps to excrete toxins from the body. It helps in the smooth functioning of all the organs and organ systems. It helps to make your skin firm by keeping the cells full. Drinking water makes you moist and hydrated and reduces the chances of fine lines and wrinkles. It ensures smooth blood flow, thus making your skin glowing.
  8. Reduce wrinkles with Beef: Eating grass-fed beef reduces the chances of wrinkles and pimples as it is rich in omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.

6 Best Fruits for Healthy Skin

  1. Care for your skin with Pomegranates: Pomegranate contains polyphenol antioxidants that combat free radicals. It gives your skin smoothness and suppleness. Simultaneously, it also facilitates blood circulation. Applying its juice to the face helps remove dead cells from the skin.
  2. Protect skin with Walnut: Walnut is full of Omega-3 fatty acids, ensuring your skin’s elasticity. The fruit is also loaded with Copper, which helps in collagen production. It is also suitable for those who don’t like to eat fish. The deficiency of this acid may result in eczema.
  3. Soften skin with Strawberries: These berries reduce age-related dry skin and act as an anti-ageing agent. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has confirmed that people who eat vitamin C-rich fruits are less prone to skin problems. Vitamin C-rich foods prevent collagen breaking, thus saving from damaging skin cells. It is rich in fibre and regulates insulin production.
  4. Brazilian nuts for healthy skin: Selenium protects your skin from free radicals and skin cancer. The best source of selenium is Brazilian nuts and Button mushrooms.
  5. Orange peel benefits for skin: A study conducted at the University of Arizona has confirmed that those who ate the orange peel have a 33% lower risk of developing skin cell problems.
  6. Kiwi for your skin: Kiwi is a good source of vitamin C that helps form the body’s collagen layer.

8 Vegetables for glowing skin

Fresh vegetables are rich in antioxidants (carotenoids), which soften and protect your skin from getting inflamed and reddened.

  1. Smooth skin with Sunflower seeds: The seeds have adequate vitamin E, which helps the skin from the sun’s rays. Essential fatty acids are also suitable for making your heels and lips soft.
  2. Acne prevention with Kidney beans: These beans are loaded with zinc. Regularly using such beans helps to avoid blemishes, acne, and wrinkles.
  3. Soften skin with Olive oil: Olive oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It softens and radiates the skin when massaged with it. That’s why it is recommended to use olive oil massage on newborns to make their skin soft, smooth, and glowing. Consuming the oil is also beneficial to contend with free radicals. 75% of olive oil fat is mono-saturated, ensuring it looks younger and longer.
  4. Wrinkle-free skin with Pumpkin: Pumpkin has adequate bio-pigment called carotenoids, which are wrinkle & pimple fighting antioxidants. It is also rich in enzymes, vitamins C, E, and A, which help cleanse the skin from toxins. Its seeds are high in Zinc, which supports collagen formation and skin renewal.
  5. Protect sunburn with Tomatoes: A UK report has confirmed that tomatoes contain Lycopene on your skin from sunburn.  It is recommended that one should eat tomatoes daily.
  6. Care skin with Kale: Kale has an adequate proportion of lutein and zeaxanthin that protect your skin from UV rays.
  7. Make skin healthy with Broccoli: Broccoli has a good amount of antioxidants and vitamins C and E. Vitamin C helps to make collagen, which supplies your skin, while vitamin E protects your skin from the sun’s UV rays.
  8. Vibrant your skin with Carrots: Carrots are high in beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant. It helps repair skin and protects your face from the sun’s rays.

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