10 Wonder Benefits of Rabbit Pose Yoga for Hair Fall and Fair Skin

What is rabbit pose

If one sees the basic structure of Rabbit pose, it makes us remember of our childhood days when we as a kid like to spend maximum time in a posture like curved moon or Sasanga condition. Since, the moon symbolizes the calmness and having soothing impacts upon the nervous system, the practice of the pose helps relieve stress.  Rabbit pose is one of the best yoga, which plays an important role for the management of stress and anxiety. Weight loss, hair fall and skin complexion can be achieved by practicing this pose. It has greater therapeutic benefits too to combat anger and tension.

10 Wonder Benefits of Rabbit Pose Yoga for Hair Fall and Fair Skin
Rabbit Pose

Different names

  • Sasangasana
  • Shashankasana
  • Moon pose
  • Hare Headstand pose
  • Hare pose
  • Prostration Pose
  • Naman Pranamasana



The pose shouldn’t be practiced in the following conditions.

  • Spinal injury
  • Backache
  • Knee pain
  • Migraine
  • Abdominal injury
  • Neck issues
  • Glaucoma
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Pregnancy



  • Since, the practice of it gives adequate pressure on the spine, therefore warm up exercises viz. triangle pose, sun salutation, etc. needed before practicing of it.
  • While performing the pose, do adequate arms stretching outward.
  • Focus on your breathing in the final stage while experiencing the stretching on the spine.


Modifications and Variations

Though, it’s an easy pose. However, if somebody experiencing difficulties, they should keep blanket under the knees.

Top 10 benefits of Rabbit pose

  1. Hair loss: If you are quite anxious of falling hair, it is better to practice the pose on regular basis. The yoga asana helps exchanging the oxygenated flow of blood into the hair follicle. It nourishes the hair and good for its health too.
  2. Facial glow: since the practice ensures maximization of fresh blood in the facial region, help in glowing of skin.
  3. Weight loss: when one keep raising the buttock, the abdominal region itself moves inward and puts pressure there.
  4. Stress: It is stress buster yoga because of its soothing impact on the muscles and nervous system. Because of its cooling effect on the nervous system, it is a boon in the management of stress, anxiety, anger and tension.
  5. Back muscles: It makes your back strengthen. It gives suitable stretching to the entire spine, especially the lower spinal area. Stretching and relaxation releases pressure on the lower vertebrae and good for the heath of backache.
  6. Insomnia: Because of its relaxing effects on the nervous system, many people fall asleep while practicing the pose.
  7. Concentration: It is good to enhance memory and concentration as it expedites the blood flow in the skull region.
  8. It gives adequate stretching to the pelvic region thus helps to prevent sexual disorders.
  9. Massage of stomach. Due to its massage to the abdominal organs, it helps preventing indigestion and constipation. On the other hands, it stir the abdominal glands to secrete juice for digestion
  10. Relaxation yoga: As far as relaxation is concerned, it is one of the best yoga pose to give you complete relaxation thereby preventing from many diseases and disorders.

Top facts about Rabbit Pose

  1. If somebody is unable to perform headstand and shoulderstand, better to go ahead with this yoga pose.
  2. A large number of people are suffered with depression and stress, especially in the developed countries. They should include this pose in their yoga exercises.
  3. It gives suitable stretching to the back, pelvis, thighs, arms and the spinal region.
  4. Regular practice strengthens the back, legs, sexual organs and massage the digestive organs too.


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