Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose): Top 10 Best Health Benefits

Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose): Top 10 Best Health Benefits
Setu Bandhasana

Setu Bandhasana meaning

Setu Bandhasana is also known as Bridge Pose Yoga. This is one of the essential yoga poses in the supine position. However, it has many health benefits if practised systematically and scientifically. You may click the latter link to learn how to do Setu Bandhasana step by step and extract many of its benefits. If you want better relaxation and calm your mind and body, practice this yoga.

10 benefits of Setu Bandhasana

  1. Thyroid treatment: The butterfly shape thyroid gland in the neck region receives suitable actions and appropriate massage due to performing this yoga asana, which ensures proper secretion of thyroxin hormone. This hormone is beneficial for hypo and hyperthyroidism. Practising this asana also helps to make the thyroid gland healthy and disease-free.
  2. Weight Loss: The proper massage of the thyroid gland helps control the body’s metabolic process, which directly or indirectly manages your weight. One can take maximum stretching in the belly region, which may be helpful for belly fat burning and making the stomach flat.
  3. Hair fall: Bridge pose yoga is good for healthy hair. Doing the asana and the abovementioned technique ensures a smooth flow of oxygen and nutrients in the scalp region. It makes your follicle stronger and nutritionally enriched, which prevents hair fall and loss.
  4. Depression: You can fight your depression by practising this yogasana. For depression, it acts like an anxiety therapy. Now, the question is raised: how bridge pose will help to lessen the symptoms of depression? The yogasana provides a soothing massage to your entire spine. This action is good for the vertebral column and energises the nerves inside the spine. This process calms and soothes your mind, thus helping synchronise body and mind. This calming effect on the brain ensures combating depression and its related symptoms.
  5. Facial skin: The regular practice of this asana is also suitable for a fair complexion. It enhances the beauty of your face by ensuring the supply of more oxygen and essential nutrients to the facial region. It revitalises the cells and tissues of the face and helps to make it fresh and refreshed.
  6. Back pain: If you are suffering from perennial back pain, it is suggested to perform this yoga asana in the presence of a good yoga master. He will provide the spine with a suitable stretch, which helps ease back pain. It will also be beneficial to make your spine healthy and strong. Performing the asana technically will help you to remove strain and sprain from the entire vertebral column.
  7. Tennis elbow: Tennis elbow is a transient pain in the elbow region. Appropriate rest will help you to come out of the problem. This yoga exercise gives suitable stretch on the elbow region and acts as a pain reliever for the elbow.
  8. Digestion: Due to a faulty lifestyle, our digestion process faces serious threats, which lead to irregular secretion of gastric juices from gastric glands. Unbalanced secretion of such digestive enzymes causes constipation, indigestion, and problems related to stomach disorders. However, the practice of bridge pose helps sort out this problem and ensures proper secretion of enzymatic juices. This asana is also suitable for colon health as it stretches and massages the abdominal organs, especially the colon.
  9. Asthma: If you are suffering from any respiratory problems, it is recommended that while performing this pose, take adequate stretching in the chest or lungs region, which will help in expanding your lungs, thereby preventing you from respiratory problems
  10. Weak legs: Many people are having leg pain, leg weakness, now and then spasms, twisting, etc. Maintaining Setu Bandhasana helps in strengthening your weak legs. It also makes your buttocks, hips, thighs, and muscles of the entire leg stronger.

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