10 Best Yoga Poses and their Benefits for Morning Exercises

10 Best Yoga Poses and their Benefits for Morning Exercises
Triangle pose
  1. Palm Tree Pose helps stretch muscles and nerves, strengthens toes, and helps increase children’s height.
  2. Triangle Posture eases backache, strengthens buttocks, good.
  3. Lotus Posture induces calmness and tranquillity, relieves constipation, and improves concentration and memory.
  4. Thunderbolt Posture strengthens thigh muscles, and calf muscles provide flexibility to the spine.
  5. Twisting Posture is helpful in constipation, and dyspepsia stimulates the pancreas, thereby beneficial in diabetes.
  6. Cobra Posture is good for muscles of the back, can relocate slipped discs, and tones the ovaries and uterus. Bow Posture decongests the entire abdominal region and organs, is suitable for diabetic patients and stimulates and regulates the thyroid and adrenal glands.
  7. Anti-flatus Posture helps to eliminate toxic gases from the abdomen and lose fat from the abdominal area.
  8. All Limbs Posture is anti-ageing, prevents early greying of hair and is suitable for endocrine problems.
  9. Head Stand Posture enhances blood circulation to the head region, thereby good for memory, improves concentration power, and regulates the functioning of endocrine and pineal glands.

Benefits of Other Yoga Poses

    • Lumbar-wheel posture makes the waist slim and supple, which is good for respiratory disorders.
    • Lateral angle posture is good for heart muscles and improves digestion.
    • Tree Posture tones leg muscles and helps cure rheumatic pain and numbness problems.
    • Siddhasana helps to check sensuality and attain celibacy, ensuring the passage of prana.
    • Gracious Posture helps to facilitate easy childbirth.
    • Lion Posture is a good exercise for the eyes and throat; it regulates the functioning of the thyroid.
    • Cow’s Face Posture is helpful in arthritis, and dry piles are good for frozen shoulders, neck pain, and cervical spondylitis.
    • Seated Half Spinal Twist benefits adrenal glands and kidneys, relieves constipation, corrects stooping shoulders, and is good for diabetic patients.
    • Secret Posture is helpful in seminal incontinence, regulates controlling sexual hyper-excitability, and awakens Kundalini Sakti.
    • Goraksasana is beneficial for anorectal disorders and piles.
    • Posterior-stretch posture reduces the possibilities of sciatica, eases constipation, obesity, dyspepsia, and seminal weakness
    • Camel Posture is good for defective eyesight and helps to reduce fat over the abdomen.
    • Yoga Posture helps to give a radiant look to the body and develops concentration.
    • Lying Thunderbolt Posture is applicable in case of sciatica and relieves backache.
    • Hare Posture suitable for sexual disorders.
    • Frog Posture helps to eliminate poisonous gases in the abdomen and cures flatulence.
    • Crocodile Posture is good for asthma dyspepsia and makes the spine flexible.
    • Locust Posture massages abdominal organs, relieves constipation, and improves digestion.
    • Raised Feet Posture balances the navel center.
    • Plough Posture is beneficial in cases of dyspepsia, constipation, diabetes, piles, and throat-related disorders.
    • Fish Posture gives excellent massage to the abdominal organs, is good for throat diseases, and helps to make the spine resilient.
    • Wheel Posture delays old age and makes the vertebral column resilient and supple.
    • Corpse Posture helps to overcome psychological disorders and manages high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, and anxiety disorders.
    • Reverse Posture helps in preventing hair fall, increases mental alertness, and balances the functioning of the thyroid.
    • Bridge Formation Posture massages the colon and tones up the reproductive organs.
    • Uplifted Lotus Posture combats muscular weakness and makes the upper arm strengthen.
    • Boat Posture helps to reduce fat in the waist region, which is beneficial for gastric problems.
    • Cockerel Posture strengthens arms, shoulders, and elbows.
    • Crane Posture balances the body and increases concentration.
    • Peacock Posture is good for treating defective eyes and beneficial for diabetes and lungs.
    • Lord of the Dance Posture improves concentration and strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms.

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