Stick Yoga Pose (Yastikasana) Steps, Health Benefits and Precautions

Stick Yoga Pose - Yastikasana

Meaning of Stick Yoga Pose

The stick pose consists of two Sanskrit words, Yastik and Asana. The meaning Yastik means stick, and Asana indicates a yoga posture. It is one of the important preparatory yoga poses to be practised before performing the advanced yoga postures in supine (lying on the back) and prone (lying on the stomach) conditions. It gives stretching to the entire body, thus good for stability and strength. Therapeutically, it effectively relaxes the tense abdominal and pelvic muscles and relaxes the body. It can also be practised to tone the body and for weight loss. It toned up the entire nervous system and stretched the muscles and joints of the body. It is beneficial in combating fatigue and stress. Here, we will discuss its easy steps to practice, health benefits and associated precautions. Please Read: Best yoga to fight stress Stick Yoga Pose - Yastikasana

Breathing in Stick Yoga Pose

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