Yoga Poses (Kriyas) Cure Acidity and Hyperacidity

Yoga Poses (Kriyas) Cure Acidity and Hyper acidity
Yoga for acidity

Definition of Yoga satkarma

The word Satkarma is comprised of two words-Sat means six and Karma means practices. In Ayurveda, karma means the cleansing process. Thus,  sat karma is the cleansing or yogic purificatory process of the body. These purification processes (Satkarma) are helpful in removing diseases, toxins, and impurities along with cleansing the internal organs of the body. The six purifying processes of Satkarma are Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Trataka, Nauli, and Kapalabhati. These purification processes are extremely beneficial in purifying the body and overall health of the body.

Medicinal value of Yoga Satkarma

The relevance of Satkarma has increased many folds in modern times. Due to the technological revolution, and atmospheric pollution, health is getting affected by many ailments. The two main atmospheric pollutions-air and water has come out as a bigger health threat for the people, especially who are living in town and cities. Improper food habits are also caused injurious to health and give birth to many diseases like asthma,  headache, migraine, allergy, skin diseases, abdominal disorders, etc. Pollutants are full of chemicals and toxins which can be removed through the cleansing process of yoga. These six cleansing processes work on different systems of the body thereby helpful in removing impurities from these body systems. Kunjal is helpful in removing excess toxins, bile, and mucous from the stomach. Basti-the part of the yogic purifying process is beneficial in removing old stool, worms and also eases constipation.  Neti cares for your ENT regions and fights cold, cough, and tonsillitis. Nauli gives relief from constipation, indigestion, acidity, and flatulence. Trataka is an excellent Yoga for the eyes and Kapalbhai is good to cure phlegm, constipation and makes your lungs healthy.

Hyper-acidity treatment through Dhauti

Dhauti is one of the important cleansing processes. Dhauti is especially effective for the digestive tract. Dhauti being a purificatory process makes the digestive system clean and helps in removing waste products such as bile, mucus, and toxins of the digestive tract. Dhauti has many health and therapeutic benefits. Kunjal where a large amount of water is taken into the stomach and expelled the same from the stomach part is beneficial in cleaning out stomach impurities. Vamanadhauti is helpful in releasing excess bile and phlegm. Dhauti is good to remove toxins from the alimentary canal and respiratory system.   Kunjal is helpful to overcome hyperacidity, phlegm, biliousness, asthma, and sore throat. Vastradhauti removes extra bile and extra fat.

Yoga pose Basti increase appetite

Basti is a form of Yogic enema. The meaning of Basti is drawing water or air into the large intestine through the anus thereby expelling it. This is done so to purify the lower part of the colon. Basti is helpful in relieving diseases caused by increased Vata (wind), pitta (bile), and Kapha (phlegm). Basti has many advantages. It removes old stool, worms, toxins, and other impurities from the lower parts of the intestine. It eases constipation and massages the abdominal segment. Since Basti thoroughly cleanses the lower colon, it increases appetite and good for health.

Yoga pose Neti is good for headache

Neti means cleansing the nasal passage. It is one of the good yogic kriyas that should be practiced before pranayama. Neti removes toxic substances from the nasal passage thus facilitates better breathing.  Neti cleanses the brain cells and stimulates the nerves. This practice is extremely beneficial for ENT organs. In Yoga, Jalaneti is the best exercise for curing acute headache and insomnia. Jalaneti is also effective in preventing greying of hair, good for memory, and cough. Jalaneti is beneficial for eye diseases such as soreness and dimness of eyesight.  It is also beneficial in the case of night blindness.

Yoga pose Trataka for eyesight

Trataka is the best yoga practice for curing all types of eye diseases and disorders. Trataka is beneficial for cleansing and strengthening eyes. In Trataka, gazing is done to a particular object unless and until eyes start watering. Lamp or burning candle can be used as gazing objects. Trataka is also helpful in overcoming drowsiness and improves memory and concentration.

Yoga pose Nauli improves digestion

The word Nauli has been derived from Nala which means navel string. Nauli is an effective abdominal massage where the stomach is rotated from right to left with speed. The stomach experiences middle left and right rotation in Nauli. Nauli has many health advantages such as stimulates digestion, cures indigestion, and eases constipation.  Nauli has physiological and therapeutic benefits too. Nauli gives robust abdominal massage, regulates the functions of the endocrine gland, reduces constipation, acidity, and urinary disorders. It is also beneficial in the case of sexual disorders, flatulence, and diabetes.

Amazing benefits of Kapalabhati

Kapalabhati consists of two words: Kapala means head and Bhati means to shine. Therefore, Kapalabhati is called head shine yoga.  It provides mental rejuvenation and calmness to the brain and the entire skull. In Kapalabhati, inhalation is being done at low speed while exhalation is performed at a higher speed. Exhalation and inhalation seem like bellows. Kapalabhati is good for respiration. It helps to clear the air passage from impurities and excess mucous. Kapalabhati is beneficial in curing a cold, sinusitis, and rhinitis.  It increases lung capacity and stimulates the brain.

Medicinal benefits of Yoga pose Kriyas

  1. The Kriya such as  Kunjal is good for the patients who are suffering from phlegm, bile, liver congestion, diseases of spleen, cough, etc.
  2. Satkarma like Vastradhauti is good to overcome cough, asthma, and leprosy
  3. Vastradhauti helps to minimize stomach burn, skin diseases, fever, the case of the enlarged spleen, and dyspepsia.
  4. Basti cure inflammation of spleen, dropsy,  removes toxin products from the stomach and abdominal disorders.
  5. The problems of mucus, bile, and gland enlargement can be remedied by Jalabasti.
  6. Jalabasti also enhances digestion and stimulates digestive power.
  7. Neti is an effective Kriya that has the ability to cure all the diseases that happened above the throat. It is good for keen eyesight and cleanses the sinuses.
  8. Tratak is the panacea for eye diseases in the form of Shatkarma.
  9. Enhance your digestion by doing Nauli. It stimulates the gastric gland so to release more and more gastric juices thereby improves digestion. It helps to cure stomach problems and simultaneously streamline digestion.
  10. Have your constipation? Have you Indigestion? Have you digestion problems? do Kapalabhati to get relief from these conditions.

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