Hair Loss Prevention by Unani Medicine of Hamdard

The very motto of Unani is that diseases and conditions are a natural process. The body has self-preservative powder which can contend disorders happen inside the body. Unani medicines have a complete solution for hair loss. Unani medicine believes in the Promotion of health, prevention of diseases and the system strongly believes in nature and its healing properties.

List of Unani Medicine for hair fall

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Unani Medicine Tips to Get Rid of Acne Vulgaris (Pimples)

Acne Vulgaris meaning

The word acne is derived from the Greek word akme, which means point or spot. Acne Vulgaris is a skin disorder, which is identified by scaly red skin, blackheads, whiteheads, pinheads, pimples, blemishes, black spots, and scars. Acne is more common during puberty when sebaceous glands are abundant. Acne is often seen on the face, also present on the chest, shoulder, neck, and back. The occurrence of acne is more common in the western world among adolescents and young adults were about 80% of them are experiencing acne vulgaris.

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Unani Medicine Tips for Hair Loss (Intisar-e-Sha’r)

Often, we see new products in the form of shampoo, lotions, and conditioners, either on paper or in the shops to prevent hair loss and hair fall. How much such products are beneficial for hair, everybody knows its fruitfulness. Hair loss is common among youth, especially the urban people where it starts by the end of puberty.

To prevent hair fall, it is a wise step to follow natural tips and home remedial measures.  Hair fall control can be managed through Unani treatment.

Hair loss causes

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Unani Medicine for Diabetes Treatment (Zayabetus)

Unani and Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus (Zayabetus) is one of the most important lifestyle-related disorders that are most widespread in urban areas. Diabetes (Zayabetus) is characterized by Excessive thrust, Excessive urination, Excessive increase of appetite, and the collapse of sexual function. The disease is associated with Polydypsia (Atash-e-Mufrit) and Polyuria (Kasrat –e-Baul).

In the case of Diabetes (Zayabetus), the level of sugar in the blood increases due to the lesser production of Insulin through the Pancreas.

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Unani Medicine for Obesity, Overweight and Weight Loss

5 Unani medicines for weight loss

  • Obesity is a vital nutritional or metabolic disorder where the percentage of fat tissue (adipose tissue) increases disproportionately owing to an imbalance of energy intake and energy expenditure.
  • A sedentary lifestyle along with excessive calorie consumption is the main cause of Obesity.
  • Obesity may lead to Diabetes, Low HDL cholesterol, Hypertriglyceridemia CAD, Hypertension, Osteo-arthritis, Gynecological problems, etc.
  • Unani medicines can be used obesity and weight loss under the supervision of a physicians.
  • Some simple treatments for obesity and overweight (Siman-E-Mufrit) through Unani are being given below.

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9 Best Unani Therapy (Ilaj-bil-Tadbir) to Cure Diseases

9 Best Unani Therapy (Ilaj-bil-Tadbir) to Cure Diseases
9 Best Unani Therapy (Ilaj-bil-Tadbir) to Cure Diseases

Unani medicine is one of the important systems of AYUSH which has huge potential to cure diseases. Unani can treat both simple as well as complicated diseases. There are some special techniques in Unani medicine that are being used to cure many diseases and disorders. Besides these, Unani medicines are without any side effects.

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