Memory Loss (Amnesia): Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatments and Home Remedies

Definition of amnesia

Brain cells even can work well at an older age if it is not affected by diseases and disorders. Neurons, units of the brain, and hub of information transformation, in fact, don’t die with age, yet simply shrinking. Memory loss may be temporary or permanent. However, with age, memory loss is common. Here, some Naturopathy remedies and treatments are mentioned for better functioning of the brain as well as improve memory.

Symptoms of memory loss (amnesia)

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Top 10 Tips to control Hair loss, Hair fall: Natural & Herbal Remedies

Hair is one of the important components of human life to enhance one’s beauty and complexion. It is a wonderful gift of nature that requires extra care and nurture. However, due to faulty lifestyle, paradoxical dietary patterns, junk food culture, etc., hair loss, and hair fall are common among the masses, especially with women.

About 50% of women faced hair loss at some stages of her life. Hair loss in women is demoralizing, may affect marital life, job opportunities, social adjustment, etc.

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Diabetes Prevention through Natural and Home Remedies

What is diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous lifestyle-related disorders and also invites diseases and disorders like Obesity, Cardiac problems, Hypertension, Eye diseases, etc. Medicine is not so effective in the case of Diabetes. However, it can be managed and controlled through natural and herbal means.

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How Homemade Face Packs Help in Glowing Skin and Beauty

Beauty tips for fair complexion

Beauty and massage are interlinked with each other. Massage like face massage, head and hair massage, eye massage, ear massage, nose care, foot massage, and nail massage-nail care are significant therapies for beauty, glowing skin, and good facial appearance.

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