A career in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) after 12th

Career scope in Ayurveda medicine

Ayurveda consists of two words: Ayur means life and Veda refers to knowledge. Ayurveda is an ancient system of Alternative Medicine, which has greater importance in the present times due to its efficacy and potential to cure many chronic diseases and disorders. As per ayurvedic medicine, diseases are caused due to imbalance among the body’s three senses of humor: Vata (nerve energy), Pitta (catabolic life energy), and Kapha (anabolic nutritive energy).

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A career in Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (BUMS) after 12th Class

Scope of Unani medicine

The Alternative System of Medicine has in-depth potential in treating diseases and disorders. In the age of modernization, stress is rooted in every domain and one of the prominent causative factors for many health ailments.

Many colleges and universities are offering quality education in the field of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. levels. After completing the BUMS course, one can pursue his/her career as Unani Hakim, Pharmacist may join in government hospitals, dispensaries, Unani hospitals, teaching jobs, etc. The governments have established research centers and council for the promotion of Unani medicine. The private sector is also hiring these professionals with lucrative job offers.

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Unani Medicine: Unani Education and Colleges in India

Unani Medicine is a traditional form of medicine that is widely practised in Arab countries. To make Unani, a modern form of medicine, the credit goes to Arab physicians. The very motto of Unani medicine revolves around four humours: Phlegm, Blood, Yellow bile and Black bile.

History of Unani Medicine

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Career in Siddha Medicine-List of Siddha Colleges in India

Siddha is one of the important Alternative System of Medicine in India. The meaning of Siddha is an achievement and this ancient system of medicine is purely therapeutic in nature. Siddha is the system where the use of metals and minerals are very in use for treatment purposes. Siddha Medicine means eternal bliss and eternal perfection.

List of Siddha Colleges and Institutions

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List of Top 12 Homeopathy Medical Colleges in India

Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Delhi
Courses: BHMS
Duration: 4 years & 6 months + compulsory internship
Internship: One Year
No. of Seats: 100
Course: MD (Hom)
Duration: 3 yrs including House-physician-ship of 1 year
No. of Seats: 4

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List of Ayurveda Medical Colleges, Institutes, Hospitals and Universities in India

Ayurveda Colleges, Institutes in Andhra Pradesh

SV Ayurved College
TT Devasthanams, Tirupati,  Andhra Pradesh
Nature: Private
Courses and Intake Capacity: UG seat: 40, PG seat: 2 in Rasashastra and Dravyaguna


Image Source: http://www.du.ac.in

Dr. N. R. Shastry Government Ayurved College
Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh
Nature: Govt.

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