Marjariasana (Cat Stretch Yoga) Steps, Benefits and Precautions

Marjariasana overview

  • Marjariasana consists of two words: Marjari means Cat and asana denotes to yoga pose.
  • It is pronounced as mar-jar-ee-ahh-sanna.
  • Marjariasana is called cat stretch yoga because a cat generally stretches its spine upwards and downwards.
  • Following the given below steps; one can practice the cat pose easily.
  • Cat pose is associated with so many important benefits including one of the best yoga poses for the health of the spine.
  • Though the yogis have taken this yoga from the movement of the cat, yet it has so many important health benefits, especially quite effective in the case of women’s sexual disorders. A beginner should take the help of a yoga expert and shouldn’t be performed when one has backache and neck ache.
  • Here, we will discuss its steps, benefits and precautions in details.

How to do marjariasana-steps to do cat stretch yoga

Steps to do marjariasana

  • First of all, kneel on the ground.
  • There should be a gap between the knees and the feet.
  • Now bend forwards and keep both hands flat on the floor in front of the knees.
  • Makes ensure that the hands should be directly below the shoulders.
  • The thighs should also be vertical.
  • Exhale, pull your back upwards and head should face the thighs.
  • Inhale, make your head raise up and the back should take concave shape.
  • This is one cycle. Do 2-3 rounds as per your convenience.

Breathing during marjariasana

  • Inhalation-exhalation is important while practicing cat stretch yoga.
  • During stretching your spine upwards, one should exhale and the head should face the thighs.
  • Contract your abdomen to remove as much air as possible from your lungs.
  • While breathing in; the head should raise up and the spine will arch downwards.

Duration of marjariasana

  • While moving up your back in the upwards direction, try to maintain it for 5-10 seconds.
  • The same should be while one makes it’s arch downwards.
  • However, maintenance of the cat pose can be increased as per convenience and time.
  • One can perform 10 rounds to extract the optimum benefits.
  • But in case of ailments, the rounds can be increased as per the guidance of a yoga expert.

Top 10  benefits of marjariasana

  1. Spine-health: This is one of the best yoga poses for the health of the spine. It helps to loosen up the spine. It is extremely useful for those who have a rigid spine or chronic backache or neck ache.
  2. Pelvic regions: The regular practice of this yoga massages the pelvic region thereby strengthening it.
  3. Digestion: It activates the organs related to the alimentary canal thereby helpful in digestion and overcoming constipation.
  4. Internal organs: It stretches and stimulates the nerves, thus good for the smooth functioning of internal organs.
  5. Reproductive disorders: It is good for ailments of sexual organs and helping to eliminate the issues related to reproductive disorders.
  6. Menstrual problems: One can be immensely benefited by practicing this yoga and can prevent many menstrual problems.
  7. Leucorrhoea: The regular practice of this asana acts as a panacea for leucorrhoea prevention.
  8. Post-pregnancy asana: This is an excellent asana for post-pregnancy as it ensures to tighten the abdominal muscles and encourages the abdomen to resume its normal shape.
  9. Neck ache: It is good to control neck ache.
  10. Backache: If it practice under the guidance of a yoga therapist, it helps to minimize the severity of backache and chronic backache

Marjariasana precautions

It shouldn’t be practice during the following conditions.

  • Backache
  • Neck ache
  • Spinal injury
  • Abdominal injury
  • Head injury
  • Knee pain
  • Pregnancy
  • Shouldn’t practice beyond your comfort level

10 important facts about marjariasana

  1. Level: Basic
  2. Style: Ashtanga yoga
  3. Duration: 5-10 seconds in each stage
  4. Cycles: 10 rounds or more as per your convenience
  5. Strengthens: Spine, neck, back, abdominal muscles, pelvic region, sexual organs, wrists,
  6. Stretches: Spine, neck, back, shoulders, abdomen
  7. It is good to remove abdominal fats by regular stretching movement of the abdominal region.
  8. Good for stress and strain
  9. Mind relaxation pose
  10. Improves blood circulations in the internal organs


Preparatory pose


Follow up pose

  • Balasana
  • Tiger stretching pose

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