Sutra Neti (Nasal Cleansing Yoga) Steps, Benefits and Precautions

Everything you need to know about Sutra Neti

  • What is Sutra neti?
  • Sutra neti preparation
  • What should be used in sutra neti?
  • Sutra neti practice time
  • How to do sutra neti: Steps of doing rubber net
  • Top 15 health benefits of Sutra neti
  • What are the precautions for sutra neti?
  • Scientific explanation of the Sutraneti 

What is Sutra Neti?

How to do Sutra Neti

Sutra neti is a nasal cleansing yoga exercise wherein the nasal area and outer respiratory regions are decongested with the help of soft thread. Initially, the soft fleece is inserted through one nostril and tries to bring it out through the mouth. The exact process should be repeated with another nostril. After having mastered the technique, it can be inserted through one nostril and try to make it out through another nostril. But one thing should be kept in mind: it should always be practised under the supervision of a yoga expert.

Sutra neti preparations

  • First, take a sutra neti cotton thread or rubber catheter that can be easily inserted into the nostril.
  • One teaspoon of salt may be added to half a litre of lukewarm water.
  • Now, fill the neti pot with this water.
  • Put the sutra neti into water for more softening.

What should be used in sutra neti?

For the practice sutra neti, it is better to use cotton thread, which should be carefully twisted. Before practising, it should be observed minutely regarding the presence of a knot or dust particles, as it can harm the soft nasal region, and bleeding can also occur. Before using it, it should be appropriately soaked in water. A thin rubber catheter can also be used as a sutra.

Sutra neti practice time

  • The best time to perform sutraneti is the morning.
  • One must do this in the presence of a Yoga expert.
  • Initially, it should be practised continuously for 40 days. After that, it should be practised once a week. 

How to do sutra neti: Steps of doing rubber net

  • Sit in Kagasana.
  • Tilt the head slightly back and insert thread or rubber catheter into one of the nostrils, whichever is more active. Gently push it through the nostril using both hands.
  • When the thread has come through to the back of the throat, put the index and middle fingers into the mouth; catch hold of the thread, and take it out carefully and slowly through the mouth.
  • Leave a few inches of the thread hanging out of the nose.
  • Now, slowly and gently pull the thread out and do it twice or thrice initially.
  • The same process can be practised nostril through another nostril.
  • After becoming mastering the process, the thread can be moved forward and backwards as per convenience and taken out slowly through the mouth.
  • After becoming an expert, the thread can be inserted through one nostril and taken out through other nostrils. 

Top 15 health benefits of Sutra Neti

  1. Nasal congestion: This is one of the best yoga exercises to clean the nasal region.
  2. Sinus: Sutra neti, along with Valenti, can cure all nasal-related disorders like sinusitis, blockage of nasal passage, etc. It massages the membranes and sinus glands, thereby strengthening them. It is also suitable for nose and throat, tonsillitis and catarrh.
  3. ENT cleansing: Regularly practising this cleansing yoga ensures the rejuvenation of the entire ENT region, thus preventing many diseases in this body region.
  4. Brain cells: Sutra neti also makes the brain cells fresh and refreshes, improving the function of the tear duct and olfactory zone of the brain.
  5. Eyesight: It helps to stimulate the nerves and improves the functions of the eyes and eyesight.
  6. Protects from viruses and bacteria: It increases resistance to invasion by viruses and bacteria.
  7. Mucous deposit: It clears the dried mucus deposits and foreign particles and removes the stagnation of the blood.
  8. Balances the nostrils: This practice dramatically assists in balancing the airflow of the two nostrils.
  9. Stimulates the Ajnacakra: This yoga engages the Kosas and stimulates the Ājñācakra, the psychic centre in the midbrain.
  10. Cough and Cold: The practice of sutra neti is good in the prevention and management of cold, cough, and sneezing.
  11. Headache: One of the effective cleansing yoga processes to clear the ENT region. It helps to remove all the complications and facilitates the relieving of headaches and migraines.
  12. Insomnia: Sutra neti also plays a vital role in sorting insomnia problems.
  13. Drowsiness: Drowsiness and sleeping disorders also can be cured through it.
  14. Hair problems: Due to cough, cold, and nasal congestion, many people experience the conditions of grey hair. The practice of it helps to combat such issues.
  15. Memory: The pose practice is good for boosting memory.

What are the precautions for sutra neti?

  • It should be practised only and only before the yoga expert.
  • Sutraneti should be performed before asana and pranayama to unblock air passage.
  • The thread should be clean, soft, and free from unwanted particles.
  • It should be inserted and pulled out very slowly and gently.
  • It is better to perform jalneti first sutraneti so the nasal region becomes clear of all unwanted substances.
  •  Initially, it should be practised for forty days; after that, it can be practised weekly.
  • A person having nose bleeding shouldn’t perform it.
  • It should be avoided during sinus.
  • Make sure the water is lukewarm and free of all the dust particles.
  • After performing the practice, Bhastrika Pranayama should be performed.
  • The proportion of salt and water should be considered, as more salt leads to a burning sensation in the nasal region.
  • Breathe through the mouth during the entire process.

Scientific Explanation of the Sutraneti

Practising sutra neti can cause mild irritation to the mucosa of the respiratory region. It helps to remove dust, dirt, unwanted substances, retained secretions, or deposits from the inhaled air. Much scientific research has been conducted on it regarding its efficacy.

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  1. Sir, I performed sutra neti but I have some pain in left nostril this pain is from past 1yr, and when I perform the yoga my mind and brain will block, I will get irritating and anger… I need suggestion…

  2. Hello Sir,

    I learned, jal neti and sutra neti from National institute of naturopathy, Pune. And I can do both very well.

    One of my nostrils is always blocked, because of which it’s difficult to do Pranayama.

    If I do jal+sutra neti for 40 days will it unblock my nostrils permanently ?


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