Shilpa Shetty Yoga Exercises, Fitness Workouts and Diet Secrets

Shilpa Shetty fitness secrets

Shilpa Shetty is one of the few actresses who has maintained her gorgeous look with aging. The fashionable diva has crafted herself well in personality and beauty since the very beginning of her first film Baazigar (1993). The toned figure, flawless skin, slender waistline, lustrous hair and stunning body are the wondering aspects to all. After having the crowned of Celebrity Big Brother 5, not only Indian yet the people across the globe become inquisitive about her fitness mantra.

Shilpa Shetty Yoga for weight lossshilpa shetty yoga

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The bold and beautiful actress is encountered with Yoga because of her neck pain. Once a physiotherapist was suggested yoga for her neck pain. After then, she gradually become deep rooted in it and started practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Shilpa Shetty is very fond of Yoga. Having one of the hottest bodies in the film fraternity, a greater credit goes to her love towards Yoga. She has released three audio-visual Yoga CDs covering yogasanas and pranayam. She has narrated beautifully and aesthetically how yoga should be practiced in a correct way. In fact, she released the Yoga DVDs not for money yet to convey the message of her fitness secretes to her millions of fans. She has expertise on yoga and feels that yoga has the power to sooth the body, mind and soul. According to her, yoga is the new way of life.

Weight loss after pregnancy

Before giving birth to her son Viaan, the stunning beauty grew eighty pounds. This is because of her fat diet and fatty products. To shed her post pregnancy weight, she started workout with light exercises such as cycling and walking. Initially, it was for 20 minutes and gradually increases the intensity of workouts. This is to surprise everyone that within 10 months, she lost 20 kg. With a new born baby, it is very difficult to shed extra ponds as the little one requires continuous attention. However, she executed her workouts when the baby was asleep in the afternoon.

Shilpa Shetty diet plan

The beautiful actress likes to eat balanced diet and prefers wholesome foods to keep herself fit, slender, skinny and healthy. She is taking now 1800 calories per day. In the morning, she likes to take amla juice. She likes to take carbohydrates, especially, brown rice, brown pasta, brown sugar and brown bread; all these are low in glycemic index.  Her wholesome foods cover salmon, turkey veggies, etc., which are prepared in olive oil. After the rigorous workouts, she takes protein shake, eight black raisins and two dates. She hardly takes snacks between her meals; in fact, give more weightage on balanced diet. She likes to have green tea but not in favor of soft drinks. The diva finishes her dinner by 8pm and takes at least 3 hours before going to bed so for the smooth digestion. Her diet chart includes:`

  • Morning: She started her day with Aloe Vera or Amla juice followed by porridge and tea with brown sugar
  • Lunch: brown rice/chappati with high fiber ingredients, dal, chicken curry and vegetable.
  • Evening: One brown bread toast, one egg and green tea.
  • Dinner: Salads, soup and chicken dish by 8 pm.

Shilpa Shetty workout regime

The super beauty executed more or less all workouts to have sculpted body figure. The Bollywood superstar performs Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation (Dhyan) for two days, strength training exercises for two days and one day for cardiovascular exercises. For rigorous workout, the glam like to perform heavy weight exercises to give her muscles a better shape.

Shilpa Shetty simple beauty tips

  • In the morning, the flawless beauty, washes her face with warm followed by cold water and finally uses moisturizer.
  • She rarely uses soap.
  • Before going to bed, she likes to cleanse her face with the mix of olive oil, bio oil and Johnson’s baby oil. Clean her face with cotton wool or hot towel.
  • The Bollywood glam drinks 10 glasses of warm water  per day to keep her skin hydrated.
  • She likes to do deep-tissue massage spa.
  • Foe eyes, she is interested in eyelash curler.
  • She keeps her hair straight by blowing dryer instead of hair straighteners


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