Wonder Benefits and Uses of Kalonji Oil (Nigella Sativa Oil)

Kalonji full of Hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine is found 100% in Kalonji seed. Kalonji seeds (7 in Nos.) with Honey mixed with hot water before breakfast is adequate to enhance immunity and prevent viral attacks.
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is sold as Plaquenil and helps treat malaria; it is also taken in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and porphyria. Recently, it was in high demand in the USA and pressured hard for the Indian government to supply.

Kalonji’s benefits and medicinal values have been known since ancient times. Kalonji is an Ayurvedic herb known for its powerful curing properties. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) once said that Kalonji is the remedy for all diseases except Death. Kalonji oil is considered a ‘ Miracle Cure ‘ due to its extraordinary healing powers. Kalonji oil is used therapeutically as an anti-histamine, anti-pyretic, anti-helminthic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant.

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What is kalonji?

Kalonji is an ayurvedic medicinal herb that has black seeds, through which Kalonji oil is extracted. The half-meter bush originated in Turkey and Italy. Kalonji black seeds have been used in the Gulf countries, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh since ancient times.

Kalonji oil is full of nutrients and used for multiple purposes, including foods in many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East. The plant is given more importance in the Middle East. Kalonji is a tiny black seed, also known as nigella seed.


Importance of Kalonji oil

Very few ayurvedic herbs are as crucial as Kalonji. The black seeds of Kalonji, also known as wonder herbs, have more than 100 medicinal ingredients. Kalonji is a fantastic herb known to treat many diseases and disorders. Nigella seeds are termed excellent healers since they help cure many diseases and conditions and develop the body’s resistance. Kalonji’s therapeutic aspects came into the limelight when Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wassallam) narrated its medicinal benefits and in-depth potential for disease prevention and treatment.


Kalonji’s medicinal ingredients 

  • Volatile oil: 1.5%
  • Non Volatile Oil: 37.5%
  • Albumen Sugar
  • Organic acids
  • Glucoside


Nutritional facts of kalonji oil

Nutritionally, Kalonji oil has many minerals and essential nutrients. The black seeds are rich in calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium. It has high nutritional value and is full of dietary fibre as monosaccharides and non-starch polysaccharides. Monosaccharides such as glucose, rhamnose, xylose, and arabinose are found in Kalonji. Kalonji is abundant in fatty acids, especially the essential and unsaturated fatty acids. It is excellent, with a total of 15 amino acids. Arginine and carotene are suitable for infant growth and vitamin A formation.


Kalonji oil benefits

The health benefits of Kalonji oil are unlimited. Kalonji oil has been a miracle cure for several diseases and disorders. The black seed oil is unparalleled in its efficiency in curing health ailments. Black seed oil helps maintain health and develop resistance, thus saving the body from infections. It has been part of more than 200 modern medicine researches. Nigella sativa oil is unique and can cure many health ailments.


Kalonji oil treatment for diseases

In combination with other ayurvedic herbs, Kalonji oil helps treat many diseases. Here is the list of conditions where Kalonji plays an importnat role in managing and treating. The different diseases for which Kalonji is beneficial: Hypertension, Diabetes, Cough, Asthma, Heart Attack, Cancer, gynecological disorders, Skin Diseases, Toothache, Stomach Pain, etc. 


Kalonji oil for hair loss treatment

Kalonji oil for hair is an essential home remedy to make hair smooth and more robust. However, many must learn how to use Kalonji oil on their hair.

  • Rubbing of Kalonji oil on the head in the morning and evening helps prevent baldness. The drinking of coffee (one cup) and Kalonji oil (1/2 spoon) twice a day is helpful in treating of baldness.
  • Premarure hair falling can be stopped with the ingredients like lime juice, herbal shampoo and Kalonji oil. Technique: Rub lime juive on the head and wash it with shampoo after 15 minutes followed by using of Klonji oil. 
  • Make a paste of Kalonji (10 grams), Olive oil (30 grams), and Mehandi powder (30 grams) and use it over the hair. Wash it with a shampoo. The technique is good to treat dandruff. 


Kalonji oil for migraine cure

  • To cure migraines, instilling Kalonji oil (one drop) in the nostril. It helps cure headaches.
  • To get relief from headaches, Kalonji oil massage is beneficial and effective too.
  • It is also suggested that Kalonji treatment helps eliminate migraines when ten drops of Kalonji oil are taken once a day.
  • Rubbing Kalonji oil on the forehead and near the ears are beneficial for headache.
  • Drinking Kalonji black cumin oil half a teaspoon twice daily is suitable for overcoming migraine. 


Kalonji oil wonder beauty tips

  • Mix olive oil (1 tsp) and Kalonji oil (1/2 tsp) on the face. Leave it for half an hour and wash it with lukewarm water. The process may be continue for a week. This is one of the natural beauty tips for the beginners. 
  • Drinking of orange juice (1 glass) and Kalonji oil (1/2 tsp) twice a day works against pimples and blackheads.
  •  The application of Sunheri Gearu (10 grams) and a few drops of Kalonji oil on the face at night and wash teh same in the morning, helps glowing skin.
  • Drinking of olive oil and kalonji oil (50 gms of each) before breakfast, helps in smoothing of the skin. 
  • The application of kalonji oil and vinegar is suitable for controlling skin diseases. It should be applied before going to bed.


Kalonji oil for stomach pain 

Kalonji oil is helpful in the stomach ache of children.

  • Children can be given a mix of Kalonji oil (2 drops) and cow’s milk (1 cup) experiencing stomach pain.
  • Chest irritation can be overcomed by drinking Kalonji oil (1/2 tsp) and milk (1 cup) twice a day. 
  • The drinking of ginger juice (1 tsp) and Kalonji oil (1/2 tsp) twice a day eases indigestion.
  • The mix of Kalonji oil (1/2 tsp), Vinegar (1/2 tsp), and Sugar (1 tsp) enhances digestion. 


Kalonji oil for pain management 

  • Drinking of vinegar (1 tsp), honey (2 tsp), and kalonji oil (1/2 tsp) twice a day helps in pain management.
  •  The massage with black seed oil helps relieve the effects of arthritis.
  • Eating two pieces of dry fig and four drops of kalonji oil is beneficial in treating joint pain, backache, and neck pain.


Kalonji in different languages

Kalonji is found almost everywhere. Kalonji is known by different names in different languages. 

English- Samal Fennel

Hindi -Kalonji or Mangralia



Malayalam- Ell or Karum Jiragam

Marathi-Kale Til


How to make kalonji oil?

Kalonji oil has innumerable health benefits. Kalonji oil can be prepared by pressing Kalonji seeds with a pressing machine. Before making oil from the sources, it is suggested that they should be clean and free from dirt and dust.


Kalonji oil side effects

Kalonji oil contains Glucoside, which is toxic. Therefore, the use of Kalonji oil in large quantities should be avoided. Using black seed oil for a more extended period is also undesirable.

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  1. कलौजी तेलमे कॉफी मीक्स करणा लीखाहै वो कैसे है कॉफी पावडर कीतनी लेनी है सब मेथेड वताईये और ये ऑईल देशी दवाईकी दूकानमे मिलती है?

    • Kalonji oil has a hoard of nutrients in it. Massaging the scalp with black seed oil, nourishes our hair and makes it healthy. As far as natural hair is concerned, black seed oil may help in regrowing certain thinning areas on the scalp too. Use Kalonji/ Black seed oil regularly and have a happy and healthy scalp.

  2. my daughter is 14 years old and her weight is 93 she is not having suger thyroid she have svr back pain pl i need your help we are using a lot of medicines for her plz i want to know wthr kalonji oil cn give relief to here or not? if yes how can i use it

    • Take equal quantity of kalonji seeds methi seeds & ajwain seeds grind separately for fine powder mix all powder keep in glass jar daily after dinner take one tea spoon with one cup mild hot water and if possible message lightly with mild hot mustard oil and keep hot bag and sleep

    • salam kareem. you should take a glass of warm water. add a tablespoon on pure honey then add some powdered cinnamon and mix. in the end add 1-2 small teaspoons of kalongi oil and mix again. drink this 20.mins before kbreakfast. also drink this before going to bed. stop eating 2-3 hrs before going to bed.

    • make a paste of bitter gourd with olive oil and put in a jar and keep it in a fridge and every morning on empty stomach eat one teaspoon of the paste that will reduce your blood sugar.

  3. Hey i just wanted 2 now does kalanji oil give u stumach acid I’ve started taking it 2 times a day morning and evening 1 teaspoon each time I’ve got rely bad stumach acid is there any way 2 consume it so I dnt get stumach I rely don’t want 2 stop taking it thank you

  4. Today i went to a pansar store and bought 1 kg black seed and grind it from a shop. I get 0.380gm from one kg black seed.
    Is there any body who know how to use this oil for eyesight improveness??

  5. Dear Adil,please take this oil only under advice of an experienced hakeem/aurvedic practitioner/ vaidya. Afterall it is matter of light and darkness for you.Wish you goodluck

  6. Assalam-o-alekum
    hi pls help me were I’m bought a kalonji oil becoz I dnt trust such a stores n shops may b they hv a doplicate material it any other way to buy a pure kalonji oil becoz I really impressed to kalonji oils benifits.

    • Except death all diseases are curable as per Quran and this was confirmed by our prophet Muhammed S.A.W.S, so there is a cure for any disease through

  7. How to use this in medicine for the jaundice, and also explain the medical content of kalonji seed only for jaundice, how many medicine are prepared for jaundice in kalonji seed,and their names

  8. sir.plzz mujhy weight gain ka b kuch batady mera weight day day lose hota hai ma bhut zayada weak hu sare bones nikly huwe hai plzz mujhy kuch batady jis sy mera weight barh jaye plzzzz tell mee i m waiting

  9. Salam, how r u doing? I have got an athraitus therefore can I use kalonji see instead of the oil will it make any difference?nd how do I take please help me. Thanks

  10. Can you please advise whether kidney failure patient can consume kalonji oil. I only have about 25% kidney function left. I am not on any form of dialysis as yet. Thank you and greatly appreciate your reply.

  11. Hi,
    This is Amjad Hassan from Dubai, l have acute pain in knee, taking medicin but no benifit, can you advise for this treatment, , have joint pain also.

    • Tell them to make their body Ph alkaline with foods and drinks such as vegetables and fresh vegetables juices but blood ph must be acidic it will help trust me

  12. I’m 24 and my weight is 85kg. I want to reduce my weight using this seed and also can you say the procedure to prepare my own homemade black seed oil. How?


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